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Set up for success and grow your business with an Australian virtual number

You can do business anywhere in Australia, appear everywhere, and be anywhere. That is the freedom you get with a virtual number. Within minutes we can set you up with a local (eg. 02, 03, 07, 09, 08, 036, 026) or national freephone (1800, 1300) number and have calls forwarded to any number you chose – your landline, mobile phone, or call answering service.


What are the Benefits of having Local and National Australian virtual numbers

  • Instantly set up a local number in your chosen location(s)
  • Add a 1300 number or 1800 number to get a national brand presence
  • Divert calls to a number of your choice
  • Start receiving calls within minutes
  • Add multiple virtual local numbers to expand your business into new local markets
  • Change call settings instantly via secure online portal or mobile app
  • Access call reports in real-time
  • Month to month contract, cancel anytime
  • Trusted, reliable provider
  • No hidden fees, no security deposits
How does a virtual number work?
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What is a local virtual number?

A local virtual number is a local phone number that is not tied to a physical address. For incoming calls only, it beats having to have a physical place of business and cost of a traditional PSTN line. Using a local number for your business gives your business a professional image.

Consumers' preference for local communities, businesses and products is on the rise. A local virtual number helps you operate and advertise as a local business anywhere in Australia - reaching and attracting customers with a more trusted local brand. Want to expand into a new local market? Simply add more local numbers to your Virtual Headquarters service anytime for as little as $5/month* for each additional number.

Why Should

Why should you consider a toll-free 1300 number or 1800 number?

Give your customers one number to call from anywhere in Australia for low or no cost. From a landline, a 1800 number is free to call, and a 1300 is the cost of a local call. As well as offering convenience, a toll-free number gives your brand the credibility of a national presence, improves customer service relations and satisfaction, and gives the impression of a larger, more recognised business.

No matter where you go, your 1800 number and 1300 number, can go with you. Talk to our customer service team to add a 1800 number or 1300 number to your Call Divert service.

Using your local, 1300 number or 1800 number with a Call Answering Service

Diverting calls to a landline or mobile phone? As your business evolves, you may want to consider more call answering options. Virtual Headquarters offer a wide range of live and automated call answering services that will help you sell more, service better and get more out of your day. All of our call answering services include a FREE local number. You can easily add local, 1300 numbers and/or 1800 numbers to your service.

Voicemail to Email

Answer calls with an automated custom greeting and your recorded messages are sent in a .WAV file to one or more email addresses.

Starts from $5/month*

Service 2
Virtual Receptionist

Your very own professional live virtual receptionist greets callers, answers questions, takes messages and transfers calls.

Starts from $20/month*

Service 3
MyAssistant / MyDiary

Your virtual assistant answers your calls, handles scripted questions and answers, processes online custom forms, and manages appointment bookings.

Starts from $40/month*

Virtual Headquarters are friendly, reliable, have no hidden fees, and are just great to do business with.”

Why a 1300 number or 1800 number makes more sense with Virtual Headquarters

Most 1300 number or 1800 number providers will provide you with a direct inward dialling (DID) or access number to divert to an answering point – such as your mobile or local number. They will typically charge a monthly rental fee, PLUS monthly inbound calls charges per minute. Depending upon your inbound call volumes you could end up paying a significant amount of money per month for your service. Most providers have a minimum contract term of 12 months, with hefty set up and cancellation fees.

Compare this to purchasing your 1300 number or 1800 number from Virtual Headquarters. You pay us a capped monthly fee of just $20 per month for your number, with UNLIMITED inbound calls included. Say for example your existing 1300 or 1800 number monthly costs are around a conservative $100 per month. With Virtual Headquarters, this would be capped at $20 per month*, so the $80 saving can be applied towards the monthly subscription of one of our very economical live or automated call answering services. eg. Call Divert, MessageExpress, Virtual Receptionist, MyAssistant/MyDiary.


With Virtual Headquarters, you get so much more value for your money. The value just grows exponentially as your inbound call volumes grow. Better still, we offer a month to month service, and you can cancel anytime. You can change how your calls are managed in an instant, and there are no additional fees for changing where your calls are landing. It just makes better sense for any sized business to get a 1300 number or 1800 number combined with a call answering service that will help your business grow.

Pricing Plans

*All prices are excluding GST and our Terms and Conditions apply.

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Month to month, no long-term contracts, cancel anytime process
Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply sign-up to a Virtual Receptionist 7-day free trial. You will be instantly allocated a local number based on the state chosen (02 Sydney, 03 Melbourne, 07 Brisbane, ec).

If you would like a 1300 number, 1800 number or a local number in a particular local town or region, call us on 1300 885 830 and we’ll set that up for you. Tell our customer service team to upgrade you to your chosen call answering service subscription.

Add the number you want your calls diverted to in the customer portal or ask us to do that for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers?

The difference relates to the cost of the call for the caller and the business that owns the number. When calling a 1800 number from a landline, the calls are free for the caller. When calling a 1300 number from a landline, calls are charged the same rate as a local call for the caller. Callers using a mobile phone may still be charged for the call determined by their service provider.

Can you call a 1300 number from outside Australia?

If a caller can call an Australian 1300 number, they will be charged their local rates. They will have to use normal international dialling codes, before dialling the 1300 number.

How do I add a 1300 number or 1800 number to my Virtual Headquarters service?

You will need to opt for one of Virtual Headquarters call answering services, which comes with a free local number. You can then add any number of 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and local numbers to that service. Simply call customer service and they will add a new number to your account.

How do I add more local numbers to my service?

Simply call customer service and they will be able to add local numbers in the area’s you would like one to your service.

Do I need a fixed line or business premise to have a virtual number?

No, you can have a virtual number without the need for a business premise or PSTN line. You do not need any telephony equipment to have a virtual telephone number.

Are the number plans month to month and can I cancel anytime?

Yes, all number plans are month to month and can be cancelled at anytime.