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Free up your time and save money with a Virtual Assistant and
Diary Management Service

Your virtual assistant is just like having your very own personal assistant. Friendly, professional and Australian, she fits in to your business as if she was sitting right there with you.

Your virtual assistant will answer and greet your callers, so you will never miss a call again. Calls can be introduced and transferred to you and/or your staff, or messages taken and sent instantly via email and/or SMS. She can handle sales enquiries, process telephone orders and can go that extra mile to give callers the information they are looking for.

If you opt for MyDiary, your virtual assistant will manage you and your team’s diary, booking appointments and handling rescheduling – freeing up valuable time.

Pay as you go and only for what you use - a huge cost saving compared to paying for someone full-time.


What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

  • Acts as a friendly virtual receptionist for your business
  • Greets callers and answers enquiries
  • Manages scripted questions and answers
  • Processes sales orders and website forms
  • Manages you and your team’s diary, booking and rescheduling appointments – instantly updating your calendar(s)
  • Cheaper and more efficient
  • Improves sales and customer service
  • Never miss a call
  • Friendly, professional and Australian-based
  • Month to month contract, cancel anytime
  • Only pay for what you use

My Virtual Assistant helps my business run smoother and takes the load off me and my team so we get a lot more work done!

What are the benefits of a virtual assistant?

  • Increased sales with a shorter sales cycle
  • Better customer service at reduced cost
  • Potential to increase profits
  • You focus on essential business tasks
  • Better in-house scheduling
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Gain more hours in your day
  • Time to relax

Why a Diary Management service makes good business sense

Efficient diary organisation can help you to improve time management, freeing up valuable space in your week for essential business tasks and a healthy work/life balance.

Appointments are the life blood of many businesses. Instead of juggling bookings, rescheduling and cancellations – it makes sense to have a professional virtual assistant handle this for you and your team.

She’ll give your customers a great experience from the very start and ensure your days, weeks and months run smoothly.

Pricing Plans
  • MyAssistant /

    $45 / month*


    Pay as you go

    $2.65 per minute*

    Free local number

    Free email messaging

    Free voicemail to email

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

    MyAssistant 20 /
    MyDiary 20

    $75 / month*


    20 minutes per month

    Excess minutes $2.45 per minute*

    Free local number

    Free email messaging

    Free voicemail to email

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

    MyAssistant 200 /
    MyDiary 200

    $415 / month*


    200 minutes per month

    Excess minutes $2.40 per minute*

    Free local number

    Free email messaging

    Free voicemail to email

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

    MyAssistant 400 /
    MyDiary 400

    $800 / month*


    400 minutes per month

    Excess minutes $2.35 per minute*

    Free local number

    Free email messaging

    Free voicemail to email

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

*All prices are excluding GST and our Terms and Conditions apply.

Live Australian Receptionists Check
7 Day Free Trial Check
Local number included Check
24 x 7 Service Check
Customised greetings Check
Email messages Check
Text messages Check
Additional numbers – 1300, 1800, local (eg. 02, 03, 07, 08) Check
Additional contacts / team members / departments Check
Individual message settings and status for each contact Check
Instantly update call handling settings Check
Online client portal Check
Mobile App – iPhone & Android Check
Tailored Plan Check
Change plans at any time Check
Month to month, no long-term contracts, cancel anytime Check
Message details – name, number, reason for call Check
Warm Call Transfer Check
Cold Call Transfer Check
Ask more questions about your caller Check
Provide basic company information Check
Scripted Questions and Responses Check
Online Custom Forms Completed Check
Appointment Bookings / Diary Management Check
Dedicated Account Manager Check
Bespoke Service Check
Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply sign-up to a Virtual Receptionist 7-day free trial. You will be instantly allocated a local number based on the state chosen (02 Sydney, 03 Melbourne, 07 Brisbane, ec). Tell our customer service team to upgrade you to a Virtual Assistant subscription - they will help you work out which one suits your business best.

You will be given an account manager who will set your service up to work perfectly for your business, getting to know you and your needs. Divert your calls to your Virtual Headquarters number and relax knowing you are in good hands.


Free Trial

Start a Virtual Receptionist Free Trial



Upgrade to a MyAssistant / MyDiary subscription.



If you have an existing number, divert your calls to your Virtual Headquarters number.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a virtual assistant service?

A virtual assistant service is a live call answering service where a friendly, professional receptionist answers your inbound phone calls and handles those calls exactly as you require. It is just like you have your very own in-house receptionist. Your virtual assistant offers the same service as a virtual receptionist, but goes further in the level of detail she can help your callers. She can obtain more detailed information about your caller, provide more detailed information about your products and services through scripted answers and questions, and she can help process telephone enquiries such as sales and completing online custom forms to help with other business processes.

How does a virtual assistant service work?

With our receptionist service you simply allocate yourself a local phone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne) during the FREE Trial sign up process and that is the number that we know your business by. Whether clients call that number directly, or you divert any other number (02, 07 / 1300 / 1800 / your mobile etc) to that number, we will answer and handle your calls instantly.

All of your call answering settings are set up in your Client Portal. This includes detailed information about your business and very specific instructions on how to manage your calls. You can set your call availability times, when you are accepting transferred calls, and let us know when you want your settings to be ‘Do Not Disturb and have a message taken.

You will be allocated your very own Account Manager who will work with you to set up your service perfectly to meet your specific requirements.

What is the difference between MyAssistant and MyDiary?

MyAssistant is tailored for business who need their virtual receptionist to spend more time on the phone with their callers helping to provide the caller what they need as a first response such as more detailed questions about products and services. The MyDiary service is focussed on managing inbound calls that are appointment and diary management based. If you are unsure which service would suit your business needs our customer service team will be able to guide you to the right one.

Where would my Virtual Assistant be based?

Our virtual receptionists and virtual assistants are Australian based. For those clients who require a 24/7 service, calls outside normal business hours are answered and handled by either our US receptionists or UK receptionists on a follow the sun basis. Daytime calls are answered by our Australian team.

If one of our clients asks a question are you able to answer it?

Yes. We are able to answer basic questions like directions to business premises, fax number, website address, pricing and other general questions. You can also provide us with a detailed call scripts and answers to FAQs to assist your callers in more detail.

Are you able to make appointments for us?

Yes, with the MyDiary option, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced receptionists who can manage your appointments and diary for you. You can access your real-time on-line calendar from any internet connection. You can let us know each week what your work availability times are going to be and we will ensure your diary is run smoothly.

How can my virtual assistant help us with sales and customer service?

Your virtual assistant is generally your first point of contact your customer has with your business. She is able to give customers information about your business, products and services. She can help process online sales by entering online sales processing forms which can be fed directly into your ecommerce, CRM and other systems. For customer service enquiries, your virtual assistant can gather details about the customers situation, and input these details into your online support ticketing systems. This provides your callers with a professional and efficient response to their initial needs, and she can pass callers on to you and your team members to help them further if you are available or take a message and send it to you instantly via email and/or SMS for further follow up.

What is the difference between a virtual assistant service during normal business hours and the 24/7 service?

At all times your virtual assistant will answer your calls exactly as you require. Normal business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm, where your calls are answered. If you have set your status as “Available for Call Transfers”, our Australian based virtual assistant will introduce the caller to you, and transfer the call if you wish to take it. If you do not want to take the call, or your settings are “Do Not Disturb” she will take a message for you and send it to you via email and/or SMS. Outside of business hours your calls can be diverted directly to you or will be answered by voicemail and the WAV file is emailed instantly to you. If would like your calls answered 24/7, your virtual assistant continues to answer your calls 24/7 365 days of the year. We use a follow the sun service with our teams in the United Kingdom and United states to answer your calls around the clock.

Can I use your service for a day, a week or a month.

Yes, you are able to use our service for any time that you need our assistance.

How long does it take to set up?

You can start having your calls answered in as little as a few minutes. Simply sign up to a Virtual Receptionist Free Trial. You will be allocated with a service number immediately and sent an SMS to activate your service in the Client Portal. Once activated your receptionist will be immediately answering your calls. If you have a number already, you can put call transfer to your new Virtual Headquarters service number for all of your calls to be answered by a live receptionist. You can immediately upgrade your service to either a MyAssistant or MyDiary subscription and you will be contacted by your Account Manager to set your service up.

Are there any set up fees?

Depending upon the complexity of your set up we charge a once off initial set up fee of $50 + GST for MyAssistant and $99 + GST for MyDiary.

Do you offer free trials for MyAssistant or MyDiary?

No we do not offer free trials for MyAssistant or MyDiary. You are welcome to use our 7 Day Virtual Receptionist Free Trial whilst setting up your MyAssistant or MyDiary service.