Getting a Local Number Just to Divert to Mobile

Getting a Local Number Just to Divert to Mobile

Want a local Australian number that you can divert to your mobile?

We have got you covered. At Virtual Headquarters we have plenty of local Australian phone numbers available. We have numbers in every major city in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. On top of this, we are able to provide 1300 numbers if you are a business owner looking to give your company a national presence. All of these numbers can be diverted straight to your mobile, your callers won't even know!

How does it work?

It's super simple, you sign up with us and within minutes your callers can be dialling your new local number! When you sign up you will get allocated a local number for wherever you choose – e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne, 07 for Brisbane, 08 for Adelaide or Perth, etc.

You will get an option of what you want your 'landing number' to be and this is the number your calls will go through to! You can update this information at any time online. So your callers will dial a local number and get diverted straight to your mobile instantly!

We offer a one call FREE trial so you can try our divert service out for yourself to make sure it works as you are expecting .... which it will!

Sign up by clicking the Free Trial icon on our site, as if you are signing up for our virtual receptionist service. Then let us know by phone or email you want a Divert Service which we can activate instantly. You can then divert your calls to your mobile so you are answering the calls. We have no long term contracts or fees for signing up or cancelling and you are able upgrade and downgrade your service at any time – add as many numbers as you like!


Encourage customers to give you a call with a local landline or 1300 number. These numbers are familiar and often cheaper for customers to call.

Give yourself a strong local presence. With a local number, customers will be more likely to choose you over your competition. Customers often choose the local option as they feel more comfortable and are reassured by the idea that if they need support, they will be able to contact someone.

Go national! With multiple divert numbers for different locations within Australia; you can take your company interstate! By expanding your customer base this will help you to make more sales.

Get a Call Divert Service Today

Virtual Headquarters offer Call Divert Services starting from as little as $20 per month* and we can have you set up in an instant. Click here to find out more or call us now on 1300 885 830.

* Additional charges may apply.


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