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Set up for success and grow your business with a Call Divert Service

You can do business anywhere in Australia, appear everywhere, and be anywhere. That is the freedom you get with a virtual number and call divert service from Virtual Headquarters. Within minutes we can set you up with a local (eg. 02, 03, 07, 09, 08, 036, 026) or national freephone (1800, 1300) number and have calls forwarded to any number you chose – your landline, mobile phone, or call answering service.


What are the Benefits of having a Call Divert Service

  • Instantly set up a local number in your chosen location(s)
  • Divert calls to a number of your choice
  • Start receiving calls within minutes
  • Add a 1300 number or 1800 number (for a fee) to get a national brand presence
  • Add multiple virtual local numbers to expand your business into new local markets
  • Change call settings instantly via secure online portal or mobile app
  • Access call reports in real-time
  • Month to month contract, cancel anytime
  • Trusted, reliable provider
  • No hidden fees, no security deposits
How does call divert work?
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What is a local virtual number?

A local virtual number is a local phone number that is not tied to a physical address. For incoming calls only, it beats having to have a physical place of business and cost of a traditional PSTN line. Using a local number for your business gives your business a professional image.

Consumers preference for local communities, businesses and products is on the rise. A local virtual number helps you operate and advertise as a local business anywhere in Australia - reaching and attracting customers with a more trusted local brand. Want to expand into a new local market? Simply add more local numbers to your Virtual Headquarters Call Divert service anytime for as little as $10/month for extra numbers.

Why should

Why should you consider a toll-free 1300 number or 1800 number?

Give your customers one number to call from anywhere in Australia for low or no cost. From a landline, a 1800 number is free to call, and a 1300 is the cost of a local call. As well as offering convenience, a toll-free number gives your brand the credibility of a national presence, improves customer service relations and satisfaction, and gives the impression of a larger, more recognised business.

No matter where you go, your 1800 number and 1300 number, can go with you. Talk to our customer service team to add a 1800 number or 1300 number to your Call Divert service.

Other Services

Diverting calls to a landline or mobile phone? As your business evolves, you may want to consider more call answering options. Virtual Headquarters offer a wide range of call answering solutions that will help you sell more, service better and get more out of your day.

Voicemail to Email

Answer calls with an automated custom greeting and your recorded messages are sent in a .WAV file to one or more email addresses.

Starts from $5/month*

Virtual Receptionist

Your very own professional live virtual receptionist greets callers, answers questions, takes messages and transfers calls.

Starts from $29/month*

MyAssistant / MyDiary

Your virtual assistant answers your calls, handles scripted questions and answers, processes online custom forms, and manages appointment bookings.

Starts from $49/month*

Virtual Headquarters are friendly, reliable, have no hidden fees,and are just great to do business with.

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Need a business address with your call divert service?

We have over 50 virtual address locations Australia-wide so you can have a virtual address in each state or local area to expand your business presence.

Pricing Plans
  • Call Divert

    $20 / month*


    Free local number(numbers available anywhere in Australia)

    Pay as you go

    Diverted calls $0.20 per minute*

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

    Call transfer to international dependent upon country, please ask for details

    Additional1300 / 1800 numbers

    $20 / month*

    with UNLIMITED calls**

    Once off set-up fee $25.00

    ** must be used with one of our call answering service products and plans (MessageExpress, Virtual Receptionist, MyAssistant/MyDiary, Voicemail to Email, Call Divert)

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

    Additional Local numbers

    $10 / month*

    All call answering plans include a local number

    Additional numbers for anywhere in Australia can be instantly set up and added to your plan

    Month to month plan, cancel any time

*All prices are excluding GST and our Terms and Conditions apply.

Local number included Check
Expand nationally or regionally instantly with additional numbers – 1300, 1800, local (eg. 02, 03, 07, 08) Check
24 x 7 Service Check
Instantly update call handling settings Check
Online client portal Check
Mobile App – iPhone & Android Check
Change plans at any time Check
Tailored Plan Check
Month to month, no long-term contracts, cancel anytime Check
Customised recorded greetings Check
Additional contacts / team members / departments Check
Individual message settings and status for each contact Check
Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply sign-up to a Virtual Receptionist 7-day free trial. You will be instantly allocated a local number based on the state chosen (02 Sydney, 03 Melbourne, 07 Brisbane, ec).

If you would like a 1300 number, 1800 number or a local number in a particular local town or region, call us on 1300 885 830 and we’ll set that up for you. Tell our customer service team to upgrade you to a Call Divert subscription.

Add the number you want your calls diverted to in the customer portal or ask us to do that for you.


Free Trial

Start a Virtual Receptionist Free Trial



Upgrade to a Call Divert subscription.



Add the ‘landing number’ you want to divert your calls to.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a phone answering divert service and how does it work?

The Divert Service allows you to instantly allocate yourself a local Australian telephone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne, 07 for Brisbane, 08 for Perth, 036 for Hobart etc) which is then forwarded to your own local telephone number for you or your own receptionist to answer the calls. A call divert service is sometimes known as ‘call forwarding’.

Why should I consider using a call divert service?

Most of our clients using the divert service are established businesses with their own receptionist residing in their main office location e.g. say Brisbane. The company decides they wish to have a "presence" in another state to give the impression to customers that they are "serious about doing business in that other state". We are able to instantly allocate one or more local telephone numbers in the state/s required which the company advertises as their local number in that state. Those local phone numbers are then diverted by us to the client's main reception for them to answer their own phone calls. In this example the company would still have their own Brisbane based receptionist answering and handling all their phone calls. For $20/month per 1300 number or 1800 number, or $5 per local number, plus call diversion costs, the Call Divert service is an extremely quick and cost effective way to gain an interstate presence.

Can I sign up for the divert service and nothing else?

Yes. The call divert service includes a local number in your chosen location. You select where you want those calls to go. That’s it, you are all set to have your calls diverted to any number you chose from your new local number.

What happens to my call if I don’t answer it?

Your call will be managed by the call answering you have operating on the number the call is diverted to. For example, if your call divert service diverts calls to your mobile phone, then your mobile phone ‘unanswered calls’ or ‘phone busy’ call settings will determine what happens ie. A voicemail gets left on your mobile.

How do I change the number my calls are being diverted to?

You can instantly change the number your calls are being diverted to by logging into the client portal and changing your ‘landing number’. The change is made instantly. Our customer service team can also do this for you.

How much does a call divert service cost?

We charge a monthly subscription fee of just $20 per month, which includes a local number. Call fees are charged monthly based upon call durations. Additional local numbers, 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers can be added to your service at any time for an additional monthly fee starting from just $5.00.

Are there any set up fees?

No there are no set up fees for a call divert service.

Can I set up other local, state or national numbers with my services?

Yes, you can add additional local numbers, state-based numbers or a national 1300 number or 1800 number to your service at any time for an additional monthly fee starting at just $5.00 per month (ex. GST).

What is the Virtual Receptionist service?

Virtual Receptionist is a live call answering service where a friendly, professional receptionist answers your phone calls and handles your calls exactly as you require. Just like having your own in-house receptionist, but without the cost. To your callers, they will feel as though they are speaking to someone sitting in your office.

How does the Virtual Receptionist service work?

During the 7 Day Virtual Receptionist Free Trial, we will allocate you a local telephone number (02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne, etc). You can use that number as your main business number, or you can divert your calls from any other number (1300, your mobile, 02, 03, etc). We will answer calls with your customised greeting, take a message, or do a warm transfer where we introduce the caller to you and transfer the call if you are available.

If I sign up for a free trial is it totally free and no obligation to continue?

The Virtual Receptionist free trial is completely free, requires no credit card, and can be cancelled at any time. You will instantly be allocated a local state based number and can divert calls immediately to your chosen destination.

What is involved in setting up my MyAssistant or MyDiary service?

Firstly, we get you set up with in our system with a Virtual Receptionist service. We can do that instantly with our 7 day Virtual Receptionist free trial. Once your Virtual Receptionist service is activated, our customer service team will call you to help you get your service set up. Let them know you would like to upgrade to a MyAssistant or MyDiary service, and they will help you chose a subscription that will meet your needs and add in the additional services for you.

Are there any long-term contracts and can I cancel at any time without penalty?

All of our services are offered on a month to month plan, there are no long-term contracts. You can change plans at any time for free to suit your call volumes and you can suspend or cease the service at any time. Simply let us know via a phone call or email before your next your monthly renewal date that you would like to cancel or put the service on hold and the service will not renew. There are no penalties.

Are you able to answer just some of our calls?

Yes. This is referred to as "call overflow". A lot of companies require their phone calls to be answered only when they are unable to take the call themselves. This could be if you step out of the office for an hour, you are busy on another call, go to lunch or simply because you have multiple calls coming in at the one time. Simply divert your existing phone number (to the unique local phone number we allocate your business during the Free Trial setup process) on busy, no answer (e.g. after say 5 rings) or permanently. That way you are always in control and can relax knowing you will never miss another call.

Where are you based? Are your virtual assistants Australian?

Our receptionists are all natural English-speaking Australian’s based in Australia. They are available to answer your calls during normal and extended business hours Monday – Sunday. If you opt for 24/7 live call answering, we have a follow the sun service, where calls are answered in London by our London-based receptionists and in the USA by our American-based receptionists – who would form part of a 24 hour MyAssistant and MyDiary service team for you.

How do I pay for my services?

Our billing system is fully automated. We accept credit card payment only including AMEX, Mastercard and Visa. All invoices are available to be viewed online and printed / reprinted at any time by you via the web. Invoices are also emailed to you each month to save paper. We do have account customers if you don't have a credit card but because this process is not automated we require at least 3 months of subscriptions in advance EFT'd to our bank account for account customers.