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Manage your outsourcing effectively and you will reap the rewards

Outsourcing has become a key solution for many business owners who are keen to keep costs low and profits high. Through outsourcing, you can also make sure that your business is far easier to manage. You will even be able to take on larger, more successful clients and potentially build the buzz around your company. However, outsourcing through freelancers or outsourcing partners can be a significant risk. You can find that they do not live up to the promise of your brand or that they do not match the quality you want to bring from your business. This is due to difficulties managing and maintaining outsourcing employees and partnerships. So, let’s look at a few of the options to make this process easier.

  • Make Sure Your Interests Are On The Same Page
  • Provide Support
  • Give A Clear Brand Policy
  • Keep A Track On Customer Satisfaction


Make Sure Your Interests Are On The Same Page

It is important to make sure that you are aligning your interests with your outsourcing partner or employees. While setting up contracts with different companies can be simple enough, making sure that the contracts are fully fulfilled is more complicated. This is largely about maintaining communication and ensuring that everyone is working towards a shared goal. One way to do this would be through the use of technology. One of the reasons outsourcing has become such a popular resource is due to how easy it is to connect with remote workers through tech. You can send instant messages, emails and graphics easily without any delays at all.

Many of the apps that will allow you to stay connected to freelancers are completely free to use. As well as this, some apps like Whatsapp are encrypted. As such, you can send sensitive data related to your business without any worry at all in terms of security. This really is just a matter of utilising the tech that you probably already own. Alternatively, you can use a shared platform online to make sure that projects can be shared and updated. That’s the technical aspect but what about keeping mindsets connected.

To do this, you need to show outsourcing partners how the success of your company can help their brand and how reaching your goals will help them reach theirs. By doing this, your desires will be fully aligned.

Provide Support

It’s fair to say that if you’re using an outsourcing company you might not have the staff or indeed the time to fully manage this new team. Indeed, that’s probably one of the reasons that you are outsourcing. But, that’s not a problem as long as you make sure that you do provide the support that this team needs. In other words, you need to make sure you provide them with the tools and systems to reach goals. This could include training and software. Ultimately, it’s crucial that you provide robust support for your outsourcing staff including educational resources. This will make their job easier and ensure they are as effective as they need to be. It can be difficult to get the message you need across to a third party team. As such, you will need to apply a constant model of reinforcement, offering as much coaching as possible.

Give A Clear Brand Policy

You need to make sure that you design and layout a clear brand policy that outsourcing companies and freelancers you use can rely on. This is particularly important for marketing outsourcing but it could be relevant for a whole range of sectors in your company including customer service. By building a brand policy you will provide a set of guidelines and regulations that any outsourcing partner can use and adhere to. This will guarantee that your brand is protected and maintain a high level of quality from that outsourcing company.

Remember, if an outsourcing employee has a negative connection with one of your customers it reflects poorly on your business and your brand. The customer will not see the difference between the individual and the brand, nor should they. While a brand policy is one option for making sure that your business is protected there is another.

You can choose to tie the brands together - yours and the outsourcing business. In doing so, you can make sure that if they do fail to deliver a high quality service, then it reflects poorly on their company too. Essentially, you force them to share the blame.

Keep A Track On Customer Satisfaction

Since we mentioned protecting your brand, it’s worth thinking about how you can keep a track of customer opinion. By doing this, you can see whether the partnership between you and an outsourcing agent is providing an advantage for your company or a hindrance. Ultimately, you can do this with a simple survey on a randomised group of customers. It’s worth pointing out here that the aim isn’t to get the perfect performance but rather to reach a particular goal. For instance, you might aim for customers to provide a score of 4 for the service on a scale from 1-5. You should send out surveys like this regularly (every six months) to make sure that an issue can be corrected before it grows out of hand.

Once again, this is a matter of making sure that communication is on point. You need to constantly be in contact with an outsourcing agent, helping them to learn where they can improve their service for your business. Feedback from your customers and your clients is often the best way to do this and to guarantee that you do get real results. You may even want to have a team or certain individuals in your company ready to explore everything from response times to contract terms and keep the relationship between you and an outsourcing partner healthy.

These are just some of the ways you can manage and maintain connections between an outsourcing team and your business. As you can see, in most cases, it’s just a matter of keeping lines of contact open. Of course, it’s also in your best interest to provide full support so you can maximise the potential of your outsourcing team.

In Conclusion

Choosing to outsource components of your business to other companies is not all about cost. Sure, you can probably find cheap operators working out of India or Asia who are willing to take on your work for a fraction of what you would pay in Australia but it is very likely that the level of quality will suffer as a result.

Once you do find the right outsource partner it is not just set and forget. You will need to monitor the performance of that outsource partner and interact with them regularly. If the partner is located overseas then it might be advisable to head over to meet with them at least once per year so that you can interact with their staff and check on the processes that are being performed.

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