Telephone Answering for your Real Estate business

Telephone Answering for your Real Estate business

How a Virtual Receptionist can increase the productivity and profitability of your Real Estate business

Whether your business is a Commerical Real Estate agency or a Residential Real Estate agency to obtain listings, sell or lease properties your prospects and clients need a real estate agent who is professional, respectful and ethical.

In a buoyant residenial real estate market, the challenge for most agencies is to list properties. If your agency only uses automated telephone messaging systems or voicemail to handle unanswered calls, chances are you'll be missing opportunities to list properties.

Similarly for a commerial real estate agency if prospects call your office to enquire about a property you have for lease, it is critical the call is answered and handled appropriately or the opportunity may be lost.

Many real estate agencies have in-house receptionists or staff who perform the role of answering the phone as part of a wider job role. But what happens when you have a team meeting? or the person who normally answers the phone is busy on another call or is on leave, at lunch or sick for the day?

That's when a professional Live Telephone Answering Service such as ours can really pay for itself. We answer calls when you can't so your staff are productive doing sales while ensuring you grow your listings and sales by ensuring you never miss a call.

For those agencies with an existing business telephone number (e.g. 1300, 1800, 03, 07, 02 etc) there is no need to change that phone number. Simply divert your existing business telephone number to your unique local phone number we issue you with during the Free Trial setup process, and instantly we are answering and handling your calls just the way you would!

Our professional Phone Answering Service caters for your Real Estate business whether you have 1, 32 or 72 staff. Each staff member can be listed in the system so calls and messages can be routed to the relevant staff member. By answering and handling your calls your Virtual Receptionist will improve the productivity of your staff because she is routing the calls and messages to the relevant staff member or department in the first instance.

Why not put us to the test with a 7 Day Free Trial of our Virtual Receptionist live answering service. It takes just a few minutes to set up and we can be answering and handling your calls.

We know that your new virtual phone service will make your real estate agency more productive and more profitable! If it doesn't then you don't need to continue after the Free Trial as there is NO Obligation and it is totally FREE. In any case, after the Free Trial, our service is only month to month. There are no long term contracts, you can cancel at any time or change plans at any time so it's cost effective, professional and flexible.

Call us now with any questions or simply sign up for the 7 Day FREE Trial.

Improve your profits and productivity today with a professional Receptionist Service!


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