Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers need never miss a call with a professional Phone Answering Service

Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers need never miss a call with a professional Phone Answering Service

Lawyers, Barristers and Solicitors reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a live telephone answering service

The demands of client meetings, court preparation time and physical presence, means that the busy lawyer is often away from the office for most of the week. Having a receptionist to answer and manage incoming phone calls is imperative, but the cost of retaining a full-time person often outweighs the benefits. Not only have you got the salary cost but what happens when your in-house receptionist is sick, on leave or simply leaves and you have to hire another one? What does that really cost you?

For this reason many lawyers, solicitors and barristers are taking advantage of our professional virtual phone serviceLive Answering Service to answer and manage their calls. Essentially they are outsoucing the vital "call answering process".

Just like a large firm or company, using a directory of numbers, we can transfer calls to one or sixty one different staff in your firm. Incoming calls for each staff member are managed exactly how you decide. There is no need for your practice to liaise with telephone companies because we will provide local numbers throughout the country (e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast) for the exclusive use of your business. For those firms with an existing businessphone number, there is no need to change that telephone number. Simply divert that existing business phone number to the unique local phone number we assign you during the FREE Trial set up process, and instantly our friendly, professional receptionists are answering and handling your calls.

Whether you want to divert all your calls to our professional receptionists or just use us on overflow for when you cannot take calls (e.g. when you are busy or in a meeting) the choice is yours. Flexible, easy and cost effective. But most importantly you are always in control of how calls are answered and handled (e.g. our receptionists can introduce and transfer calls to your and your staff or simply take a message which can be sent by email and / or SMS to the relevant staff member).

Put us to the test with a Free 7 Day Trial of our live Virtual Receptionist telephone answering service. It takes 5 minutes to set up and we can be answering and handling your phone calls.

Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers also consider a Virtual Office Address to expand their presence

Aside from a live phone answering service many Lawyers and Solicitors also add a Prestigious Mailing Address to their live answering service for a complete Virtual Office solution.

We have a national network of busines centres, many with office space and meeting rooms. So instead of setting up a new physical office why not consider a Virtual Office or multiple Virtual Offices to grow your presence and win business in new markets!


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