Gold Coast Virtual Office

What can Virtual Office Solutions on the Gold Coast do for you?

Virtual office solutions can revolutionise your company – helping to build an image and presence, saving you time and money. Ultimately, all these things combined can lead to a huge increase in sales by letting you focus on your business while we handle calls and / or manage your mail!

At Virtual Headquarters we offer a huge range of local virtual office solutions on the Gold Coast as well as many other locations within Australia.

What can we do?

Virtual Receptionist/Assistant

When you sign up for our virtual receptionist service you get allocated a local Australian number. We have numbers in the Gold Coast as well as Brisbane and all other major cities across Australia. If you are after a 1300 number, we can do that for you too!

With our team of Australian receptionists answering your calls in a professional and mature manner, you will have your customers thinking they are right there in your office. Our receptionists can answer your calls exactly as you would like them to be answered and can take messages, answer enquiries, gather information or forward calls onto you. With a local Gold Coast number and every call answered by an Australian receptionist, you can really strengthen your local presence while working from anywhere that you like.

Virtual Office Address

With a virtual office address you have a prestigious address you can use in advertising and on your website and business cards. This will help you to get the strong local presence you are after. With prestigious addresses on the Gold Coast as well as many other locations across Australia you can build a local or national presence with Virtual Headquarters.

When we receive mail for you at your virtual address we will ensure it gets to you promptly. We will notify you and you are welcome to pick it up or we can forward it to you.

If the need arises, many of our virtual addresses have board rooms, hot desks, office space and meeting rooms available. This will help you to maintain the image you have created for your company, without the costly overhead of a permanent office. With Virtual Headquarters you only pay for what you really need so it's flexible and saves you lots on money.

Expand your company within the Gold Coast or nationally today by calling us on 1300 885 830 or signing up for our 7 day FREE


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