The road to success starts with our elite Live Answering Service!

The road to success starts with our elite Live Answering Service!

Car Dealership
  • Close more deals than ever before
  • Never miss a potential buyer
  • Lose the stress of answering the phone
  • Spend more time in the lot or showroom
  • Keep all your customers happy and satisfied whenever they call

Watch your company speed to the fast lane as it develops a superior sales and customer service reputation with our exceptional phone answering service. No matter what part of the automotive industry you are in, we are 100% certain that we will enhance the image and reputation of your business by never missing calls – all while saving you money in the process.

Team up with Virtual Headquarters today and watch your business zoom past your fellow competitors in the automotive retail industry. Virtual Headquarters is the perfect partner for frontrunners in car dealerships, servicing and automotive parts. The sales or customer service team is often the first point of contact a client will have with your business, therefore it is vital that you make the best impression. All calls that come into your company are answered by one of our exceptional telephone-answering professionals. Calls can be either immediately transferred to you or another staff member like a hot sales lead, or a detailed message can be taken and forwarded to you via email, text message or both. Never worry about missing another call again! We ensure that your business’ motor keeps on running and clients are left feeling valued and looked after by a knowledgeable agent upon every call. While you are busy dealing with current clients and closing sales in the showroom, we take the stress out of your life and deal with all incoming calls for your company.

Whether you deal with pre-owned vehicles, SUVs, hybrids, prestige convertibles, utes or vans our receptionists can help customers with the makes and models you sell, service or purchase. Our virtual receptionists become an integrated part of your dealership with knowledge about the vehicle protection systems, finance plans and genuine parts you have on offer. We can even help clients with finance calculations, booking meetings and lodging insurance claims.

Why Virtual Headquarters?

At Virtual Headquarters we know that first class customer service is vital for any company looking to be successful in automotive dealerships. With an impressive team of Australian based factory trained receptionists, our team at Virtual Headquarters will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. We provide a valuable and cost-effective service that will enhance the growth of your automotive company. From as little as $20 a month, we can keep all your customers satisfied while simultaneously reducing your costs. Our highly trained virtual receptionists will exceed customer expectations, and will answer your calls promptly, professionally and perfectly every time - 93% of all our calls are answered within less than 10 seconds!

How Virtual Headquarters works for you

You have the control to direct the way your virtual receptionist will answer prospects and clients, armed with the information necessary to handle the call exactly the way you need them to. The service is so genuine that your callers will be completely convinced that our receptionists are sitting right with you inside your dealership. Whether you are part of a multi-franchise dealership or an owner-operator, by becoming an integrated part of our team you are making one of the most cost-effective business decisions you will have to ever make, increasing your sales, reputation and levels of customer satisfaction.

When you sign up to our FREE 7-day trial, you will be allocated a unique phone number in a city of your choice. You have the flexibility of choice to use this allocated phone number as your company number, or your own previously established existing telephone number. In which case, simply divert your existing number to your Virtual Headquarters number and we will be answering and handling your calls. When you sign up, you will also be asked to provide us with some basic details of your company, such as what products insurances and services your company sells, your dealership address, and FAQs. Our receptionists then can guide potential buyers like an expert through ordering parts, or answer questions on your finest car brands, accessories and other services.

Welcome to the Virtual world with our iPhone and Android apps!

At Virtual Headquarters we give you the flexibility to take or leave calls based on your availability. We have developed a convenient iPhone and Android app that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere in the world. This allows us to keep up to date with your busy working schedule and only transfer calls to you if you are available. Our groundbreaking communication technology can leave you free to build a thriving and lucrative car dealership business. Virtual Headquarters will offer your car dealership business a cost effective, professional receptionist service that is unrivalled in Australia.

Do you need a reliable answering service to assist with your after-hours calls?

If you have customers looking to call your car dealership late at night, we have professionally trained receptionists ready to answer your company calls 24/7. Premium customer service remains at the forefront of any business wanting to impress their customers. Running a car dealership business can be demanding and requires tenacity. We know you would rather be making a sale on the lot or a demonstration deal rather than answering the phone. However, prospective buyers who are faced with a voice message service will often just call another company, making you miss a golden sales opportunity. By partnering with us at Virtual Headquarters, you can be assured that you will never miss another call again and all your customers will be answered by a real person. While you take care on growing your business into one of success, we help you build a stronger customer base. By outsourcing your receptionist service, you ultimately make your job of running a busy business in the automotive industry easier, more competitive and profitable.

What happens to your current calls if your receptionist is sick, on leave or away on holiday?

Do you have to spend your valuable time sourcing a replacement or temp receptionist if your in-house receptionist is sick? Receptionists are expensive and sometimes unnecessary if no calls are coming in. Wasted time is wasted money. Instead of micromanaging your staff and worrying about staff schedules, you can rely on our expert team at Virtual Headquarters to look after your car dealership calls whenever you need us. You will have more time to source products, manage your inventory and sales, run through a car demo, and deal with logistics. Even if you just need our elite virtual answering service during particularly busy periods as an overflow service, we are dedicated and flexible to adapt our business to suit your needs.

Watch your company prosper as it develops a superior customer service reputation with Virtual Headquarters operating behind the scenes while you close more deals of your finest cars. Take us for a test-drive and start our FREE 7-DAY trial today - it only takes 30 seconds to set up! Let us enhance your business image for an affordable price within a matter of minutes!


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