Perfect opportunity for aspiring lawyers to enhance their professional presence!

Perfect opportunity for aspiring lawyers to enhance their professional presence!

  • Miss less calls when you’re busy with clients and in court
  • Receive prioritised information on your calls, case by case
  • Add more billable hours to your week and keep your clients satisfied
  • Control the calls you get and how they’re answered

John is a successful lawyer in Sydney. He works in a small firm and is always busy meeting clients, preparing cases and micromanaging his staff. John is concerned that he is missing out on important opportunities to build a bigger customer base and therefore further grow his law firm. He constantly misses calls because he is in meetings and he has found that his current receptionist wants to take two weeks holiday next month.

John needs help to productively run his firm, boost fees and enhance his company image for an affordable price. This is when John found Virtual Headquarters and changed his firm for the better. Whether you are a solo solicitor or part of a small law firm, we are the number one choice in Australia for any legal team looking to establish and enhance their professional identity through superior levels of call answering and handling.

We are the perfect way to stay connected to your clients all day, every day. In today’s competitive legal industry, you cannot afford to miss calls, as these callers could be potential clients that may choose to give their business to another lawyer if you don’t answer promptly. Potential clients who reach an answering machine are significantly less likely to leave a message or use your services, than a firm whose phones are answered by a receptionist. We understand that much of your time as a successful lawyer is spent in meetings with clients, in court and on the phone. Missed calls translate into missed opportunity. You will never experience that by teaming up with us here at Virtual Headquarters. We can provide you with a 24/7 Virtual Reception service to enhance your career as a legal professional.

Deliver better outcomes to more clients during their stressful times and help them make a decision with confidence. As a legal expert you have your client’s best interests at heart and have genuine compassion for their problems. Whether you specialize in compensation, conveyancing, licensing, acquisitions, traffic offenses, relationships or criminal law, our service can easily become part of your team. We can help you maintain your reputation as an expert legal rights advisor or solicitor, by keeping your calls answered. Spend more time working on the case, and less dealing with unimportant calls.

Virtual Headquarters is the most reliable live answering service

At Virtual Headquarters, we provide a professional telephone answering service that is reliable, cost effective and efficient. In fact, 93% of our calls are answered within less than 10 seconds! Whether you are a barrister starting out or a successful solicitor with 10 years of industry experience, at Virtual Headquarters we make life easier for every lawyer. We pride ourselves in providing a first-class telephone answering service for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own receptionist. A big advantage of our service is that you only pay for what you use. If your legal receptionist is out for lunch, sick or on holiday then you know you can always rely on us to have your back. Our elite telephone answering service at Virtual Headquarters offers 24/7 customer service no matter what time of day it is, every day of year – even on holidays, meaning your office is never closed. With our after-hours service, your clients will be greeted by a live, professional receptionist at any time of day. Our receptionists are so genuine, clients will find them indistinguishable from your own firm.

Our team at Virtual Headquarters is dedicated to improving the efficiency, image and profitability of your legal business and helping you turn more inquiries into cases. We understand that the legal industry thrives on professionalism and building strong connections with clients, so we put the utmost care to communicate accurately and deal with personal and confidential information smoothly. We keep the private information clients may share safe and secure.

Virtual Headquarters works for you, with you and around your needs

Our Australian based receptionists answer calls in your company name and these can be transferred to you or a staff member instantly. Alternatively, a detailed message can be taken and forwarded to you via email, text message or both.

We offer a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL to all new clients, with no obligation to continue with our services. The set up is easy and we can be answering your calls within a matter of minutes! When you sign up for our free 7-day trial, you can simply divert your existing business number to the one we allocate you in the set up process. Alternatively, if you are a newly formed practice you can use the number allocated to you in the free trial set up process on marketing collateral, including your company website or business card. Get a competitive edge by becoming an integrated part of our team at Virtual Headquarters today!

We understand that even professionals in the legal aid industry can be overwhelmed by the number of calls they receive, especially when they range from simple enquiries to crucial updates. We can deal with any type of call as soon as it comes in because we know that matters in law are often time sensitive – we can give your clients the help they need right away. Being partners with a wide range of legal experts, we know clients can call about wills, litigation, contracts and agreements, land resumption often without a strong legal case. You control how we handle your calls and the information we provide to clients. You have the freedom to customize our legal answering protocol about corporate, personal injury, criminal, tax, and family law practices, and who receives notifications and how.

With our highly developed android and iPhone apps, you are able to update your settings instantly no matter where you are in the world. Change your status from ‘available’ to ‘in a meeting’ with a simple swipe of a screen and have our highly professional telephone answering receptionists handle your calls based on that change. Going Virtual has never been so convenient and flexible, where you remain in control of how calls are answered and handled.

Virtual Headquarters can help in more ways than one

As a busy barrister, attorney or solicitor in today’s competitive legal industry, it is imperative that you maintain a professional image in order for you to continue building a strong fee base and increasing your billable hours - and that means never missing calls. If you integrate your legal practice with our experienced, reliable Virtual Headquarters receptionists, then you can be assured that your clients will be left feeling valued and taken care of. As a legal professional, you will value the dedicated, efficient, empathetic and professional nature of our premium telephone answering service.

As an independent legal professional or private practice, it is important that you pay only for what you use. From as little as $20 a month, our Australian based receptionists are exceptionally affordable and can handle your enquiries, answer basic questions including the legal services your firm offers, your address, and FAQs. This premium service allows you to stay connected with your prospects and clients all day, even when you are in meetings with clients, working on a class action suit or in court. Some law firms choose to even use our service as an overflow telephone answering service when they have particularly busy periods. The flexibility is endless and all for an economical price.

If you are looking at enhancing the national image of your law firm then you may choose to have multiple numbers across Australia to make it appear as if your firm is based in many locations across the country. We can instantly issue phone numbers in all major cities across Australia. This is the perfect way to boost your image and gain clients from locations that you had not thought possible. All for an extremely affordable price – each additional local number is just $5 per month!

Your calls can be answered anytime – even after hours

First impressions are important, and our factory-trained and quality checked receptionists can smoothly treat the caller with respect and courtesy. Our mature, friendly receptionists will then take a detailed message and send this to you instantly. Or calls can also be introduced and transferred to you after hours if you choose. You will never have to worry about missing after hour’s calls ever again. The receptionist of any business is often the first point of contact with a client, so it is vital that the caller feels well looked after. We want to make a lasting impression for your practice, so we assure you that our first-class customer service team will do just that.

Join our 7,000+ clients today and see for yourself just how beneficial our virtual telephone answering service can be for your firm, whether you are a lawyer, barrister, solicitor in any form of law or any size firm. Click on the free trial icon on our site and complete the steps which take just one minute.


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