Going Virtual is cost effective and efficient for all Accountants!

  • How much time do you waste answering calls?
  • Increase your productivity with more time in your day
  • Provide faster turnaround on your core services
  • Maximise your firm’s reputation for minimal cost
  • Save money and time spent on answering all your calls

Why do you need a 24/7 professional receptionist?

Embrace the professionalism of our world class virtual reception service and let us take your CPA or Chartered Accounting firm to new heights. You can now easily cut overhead costs from the most tedious but crucial part of business – answering the calls. Deploy new savings into growing your business, or simply choose to bank the extra profits!

The accounting and taxation professions form part of a multi-billion dollar industry - there are an enormous amount of independent local Chartered or CPA practices through to the large multinational accounting firms. It is important to stand out from your competition with a great first impression.

Don’t lose a single potential client by missing the phone – you can’t afford to miss their call, because it is too easy for them to ring the next accountant on their list! What is the lifetime value of one of your target clients? Why risk your reputation and lose potential or existing clients through missed calls or poorly answered or handled calls? Why still pay your in-house reception staff during lean periods, whether they are answering calls or not? Uneven call flows throughout the year can prove to be a major drain on your firm’s finances.

Spend more time helping clients with financial challenges, capital management and business valuations, without worrying about missed calls. We understand that your services could range significantly, from turnaround and restructuring to forensics, fraud risk management and payroll. Develop the professional trust you have with your clients in the office and with us on the phone whenever you need us.

Aside from reducing your stress levels and improving customer satisfaction ratings, outsourcing this critical business process ensures you never miss calls in busy periods like the tax season and drives your profit margin higher - pay for what you need, when you need it. As a tax, audit, financial planning, business or accounting expert you of all people understand the concept of improving the bottom line through effective cost savings.

If you are a small accounting business, it can often be hard to find a replacement receptionist if they are sick, on leave or even during their lunch break. It can cause disruptions to your business and you spend your time micromanaging your staff instead of growing your firm. With our premium live answering service we do all the hard work for you. Whenever you need us we will be there to answer calls. The flexibility that we can provide your accounting business is endless.

Why Virtual Headquarters?

We have over 5,000 clients in Australia including many hundreds of solo accountants and accounting firms, whose customers are continually impressed by the responsive, friendly, professional nature of our Australian based virtual receptionists. We understand that first impressions are vitally important and have a big impact on how clients view your business. In fact, over 93% of all our calls are answered within the first 10 seconds! Our receptionists deal with clients across the accounting, audit, taxation, financial planning and business services spectrums on a daily basis. Your callers will be convinced our receptionists are sitting in your office because our team speaks your language. With a virtual receptionist, your clients will be commenting on how brilliant “your new receptionist” is! Enhance the reputation of your firm and maintain happy profitable clients.

Our highly developed telephone answering systems allow our receptionists to answer a high volume of calls all year around, 24/7. No matter where you are in the world, you are able to update your availability status at any time. You can change your directions and be in control with the click of a button, letting our reception team know if you wish to have calls introduced or simply a message taken. You are always in control of how calls are answered and handled. With our free iPhone and Android apps, you can simply change your status from ‘available’ to ‘unavailable for call transfer’ in a matter of seconds. When you’re suddenly busy with a meeting and unable to take calls, you will have the peace of mind knowing your phone will be professionally answered by our receptionists. An accurate message would be taken, and your virtual receptionist won’t even contact you to introduce the call.

Click on the FREE 7-DAY TRIAL icon and put us to the test. It takes just one minute to get set up and there is no obligation to continue after the free trial. But we believe once you have used our service you will wonder how you did without it in the past.

How Virtual Headquarters works for you

When a call comes in to your accounting firm, it is answered by one of our exceptionally-trained receptionists who have had years of experience in the customer service industry. They can either transfer a call to you, a fellow colleague or partner, or instead send you a detailed message via email, text or both. Never miss the opportunity to connect with your prospects or clients again! We know that as financial expert, your time is best spent crunching numbers, researching current market trends and sourcing new business opportunities for your clients. Add value to your business through high value tasks – let us deal with the rest.

When you sign up to our FREE 7-day trial, you will be allocated a specific number in a city of your choice. You are free to choose this allocated phone number as your company number, but like most accounting businesses that have been practicing for many years you may already have your own business phone number. Simply forward your calls from the existing number to your new Virtual Headquarters number and we will instantly start taking your calls.

During our hassle-free sign-up process, you will also be asked to provide our receptionist team with some basic details of your company, such as what services your firm provides, your business address, directions to your office and FAQs. This is so our receptionists are equipped with the same information as an in-house receptionist, and are ready to serve your clients. Hence based on the information you provide our receptionists can answer client questions about financial modelling, investments, optimising capital, superannuation, bookkeeping and so forth – not giving advice but answering basic FAQs according to your scripts. It's feels so real, your clients will think our receptionists are working in your offices with you! By becoming an integrated part of our team as an accountant, you are making one of the most cost effective business decisions you will have to ever make. From as little as $20 a month, we can be freeing up your time to focus on high value tasks, giving clients your undivided attention, while knowing all calls are being answered promptly, at a very economical price - thus also saving you money by reducing your overheads / costs associated with "the call answering business process". Our virtual receptionist answering service for accountants just makes good financial sense.

The benefits of virtual receptionists are endless!

As a successful accounting firm, you will no doubt offer a variety of services to businesses including accounts preparation, tax return, compliance and payroll. This leaves for little free time to answer incoming calls. This is why Virtual Headquarters is a great option for you to consider. Aside from being able to test drive our service via Free Trial, if you continue to a paying service, you can cancel any time or change plans up or down at any time so you are always in control.

A feature that our CPA and Chartered accounting clients love is the flexible nature of our premium virtual reception service. Instead of paying a full-time receptionist, you can save tons of money by paying as you go. With NO long-term contracts and NO joining fees with our highly rated live accountant answering service, it is easy to see why going virtual will boost the profitability and image of your accounting firm. We essentially turn a fixed cost into a variable cost.

Let us be the face of your business when you’re at home or out of the office

We understand that businesses are becoming more virtual in nature, with many accountants working or running their business from home. By partnering up with our team at Virtual Headquarters, you can enhance the professional image of your accounting business by allowing your clients to perceive that you have a full time receptionist. Have you ever considered that outsourcing your reception service can also be a cost effective way of building the reputation and national presence of your business? Many of our clients also choose to have multiple phone numbers and virtual offices around Australia to enhance the national presence of their company. It gives companies of all sizes a chance to grow without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Accounting answering services make good financial sense while simultaneously giving accountants just like you the opportunity to grow your business. Think smart - think Virtual Headquarters.

Our Australian based receptionists who have all had years of industry experience are dedicated to ensuring your calls are answered perfectly, politely and promptly every time. They receive ongoing professional development training to ensure their customer service skills are the best in the industry. Up to the high standard required by accountants and their clients! The diversity of businesses we answer calls for is enormous; from accountants to lawyers to trades people. We accommodate our services to the size of all businesses.

Virtual HQ is a company you can rely on. As an accountant, you may choose to only use our service during particularly busy periods to help smooth the workload. Due to the practical and flexible nature of our telephone answering service, you can simply use us as an overflow service when times are particularly busy during a day, or at times of peak load throughout the year, when tax and accounts deadlines need to be met and concentration and productivity levels need to be optimised more than ever. Aside from our team dovetailing with your firm’s processes, you never need to miss another call while maintaining high levels of productivity and focus. Aside from answering and handling calls, we also screen calls and as such minimise the useless interruptions to your day.

Stop wasting time on answering your calls

At Virtual Headquarters, we can provide your business with a professional receptionist service to answer your phones after hours. We understand that it is important your clients speak to a real person no matter what time of day in order to give out the best impression of your firm and to get action when they need it, which may be as simple as our receptionists providing your callers with the answers to some simple FAQs you have provided to us. After-hours our receptionists can still introduce and transfer calls to you or simply take a detailed message and send this to you instantly via email, text message or both. The choice is yours how you set up and maintain the call script and handling process.

Whether you are a solo / sole practitioner or part of a larger accounting practice, the first point of contact your customers will have is with our exceptional receptionists. By outsourcing the call answering business process, you will have more money to spend on driving initiatives that will grow your business. Our friendly, mature receptionists remain at the leading edge of the customer service industry and will present your firm in the very best light to all your callers.