Not all Answering Services or Message Services are the same!


Most companies realise the importance of answering their business telephone calls promptly and professionally every time. If they miss calls or the caller goes to a message bank to leave a voicemail, generally that does not give the right impression to new prospects and can be frustrating for existing clients who want to speak with a real person urgently.

So what is the answer?

The call answering process you employ for your business could be one of many options.

  • you and your staff answer the phone yourself if you are in the office
  • if you or your staff are unable to answer calls then a Virtual Receptionist can answer and handle those calls i.e. on overflow
  • you can have all your calls answered in the first instance by a Virtual Receptionist

With Virtual Receptionist you can take advantage of a no obligation Free 7 Day Trial of our Message Service or Live Telephone Answering Service depending on which service best suits your needs.

When you put our professional receptionists to the test in the Free Trial you will soon understand why all Answering Services and Message Services are not the same.

Our Live Telephone Answering Service is so real that your prospects and clients will literally think our receptionists are sitting in your office.

Our receptionists answer calls in your company name, introducing and transferring calls to staff if they are available or taking messages which can be sent to staff by SMS and / or Email instantly.

The FREE 7 Day Trial takes a few minutes to set up yourself and we can be answering your phone calls. So why not set up the Free Trial yourself or call us and we can help you set it up.