A virtual receptionist for mortgage brokers

A virtual receptionist for mortgage brokers. We will ensure that you never miss another call

Mortgage Broking is a highly competitive industry so it is vital to answer every phone call promptly and professionally. Missing an inquiry from a new prospect may well mean losing a potential client.

A Virtual Office solution may just be the answer.

With a Live Telephone Answering Service you can have peace of mind knowing that all your phone calls will be answered in your company name and handled exactly as you require (e.g. calls introduced and transferred to you and your staff or messages sent instantly by SMS and / or email).

A prospect looking for a mortgage broker is more likely to do business with you if the telephone call is answered and transferred to you instantly or a message taken if you are not available or do not wish to take the call.

A successful mortgage broker spends the majority of their time out of the office at meetings, driving, talking with clients and suppliers. Not having to answer every incoming phone call means your energy can be focused on new prospects and existing customers. Being confident that every call is being answered and handled exactly as you require will mean that you will become more productive and more effective at providing a premium broking service tailored to your customers.

With our Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Service you determine how the phone is answered (e.g. in your company name) and whether you want the Virtual Receptionist to call you and introduce calls, transferring them to you if you wish or taking a message. You can amend your status instantly at any time as your availability changes during a day or week.

Just like a large company our Telephone Answering Service allows you to have a directory of staff where calls can be transferred or messages taken. Whether your broking firm has 1 or 51 staff our Phone Answering Service can be used all the time or just as an overflow for when you and your staff are unable to take calls.

For those mortgage brokers with an existing business telephone number, there is no need to change that phone number. Simply divert your existing phone number (1800 / 1300 / 02 / 03 / 07 / your mobile etc) to the phone number we assign you (which you allocate yourself instantly during the Free Trial set up process) and immediately we are answering and handling your calls.

A live telephone answering service will encourage productivity and assist with the growth of your mortgage broking business by ensuring you never miss a call and handle all potential opportunities professionally from their very first contact with your organization. In turn, clients will enhance your success through more word-of-mouth references.

For brokers looking to expand regionally, have you considered a Virtual Office i.e. a Live Answering Service plus a Virtual Address? We can answer your calls and collect / forward your mail Australia wide. Virtual Offices are a cost effective way to make you look bigger than you are.

With our Virtual Office solutions you can have a presence nationally with a Message Service and a Prestigious Mail Address in any or all major capitals such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and regional hubs such as the Gold Coast, Gosford, Woolongong etc.

Let us answer your phone calls so you can focus on growing your business! It's so real clients will think our receptionists are sitting in your office, giving you the professional image you desire as well as the peace of mind of never missing another call.

Put us to the test with a 7 Day Free Trial of our Live Phone Answering Service. It's easy to set up, taking just a few minutes.


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