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An Answering Service Just Makes Good Sense

What Does An Answering Service Cost?

Your Phone Answering Service with pricing that’s easy to understand

So what do answering services cost? At Virtual Headquarters our answering service price is simply based on the number of incoming phone calls to your business. Just pick the package that matches the volume of calls you expect to receive. Our professional receptionist packages start from a basic per call plan all the way up to a monthly fee package for 1,000 calls per month and more.

Most of our small business customers choose our 50 calls option which charges $165 per month for a volume of 50 calls. Extra calls are billed at $3.45 per call. At Virtual Headquarters most of our business is with long term clients and that’s because there is no pressure. We want to be your live answering service partner in the call management cycle. We want your small business to succeed because that also means we are a success. So no hidden fees, no locked in contract, that’s not what we do.

These days there are many answering services entering the industry and trying to offer really low answering service charges, but there is no value in going with the cheapest answering service plan if the receptionists are based on the other side of the world and the company has no experience. Those sort of companies also try and lock you in to complicated service pricing with extended contracts so they can impress their investors.

We don’t try to lock customers in to long-term contracts and there are no hidden live answering service costs.

At Virtual Headquarters you can change service plans at any time. There are no set-up fees and no security deposits.

We also always like to offer a free one-week trial to present our capabilities - rather than just talking about our excellent services. Please give our customer service team a call. They will answer promptly with a welcoming voice and arrange your telephone answering service just the way you need it.

And two more really important points to set your mind at ease:

All the Virtual Receptionists that will be answering your business calls are Australian based locals – they’ll understand the business jargon and the Australian commercial environment and your customers will be relaxed talking to a friendly local voice.

Virtual Headquarters has been providing professional phone answering services for more than 15 years. That’s a lot of experience answering Australian business calls. You’ll have the benefit of all that professional expertise.


A Call Answering Service can benefit every type of business

No matter what type of business you manage, a live answering service can really grow your revenue. The level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will noticeably improve. You and your staff will save precious time. You will wonder why you didn’t realise the benefits of a telephone answering service earlier.

Our clients range across a vast variety of businesses. We service tradespeople who spend most of their day on-site, we answer incoming calls for real estate agencies and busy specialist retailers, business consultants and financial advisors use us and manufacturers and accountancy firms rely on our answering service professionalism to greet their customers and handle their enquires. It’s almost a certainty that we have provided a phone answering service for enterprises just like your business.

The impact of Covid19 for managing a business workforce

The Covid19 pandemic has changed the way businesses are managed and operated and staffed. WFH is a paradigm shift for commercial organisations, and it is likely to be a permanent and popular change for most businesses. Primarily working from home and infrequently commuting back and forth to a central HQ office is the new pattern of job engagement for employees at many companies. The volumes of staff that were once located on the office floor have been reduced to meet Covid19 safety protocols and many businesses have cut the size and terms of office leases in response to the impact of the pandemic.

Professional communication is a critical function for any commercial enterprise, especially during major change. Your staff may be spread across the city, some working from home, some in the HQ, but your customers won’t be interested in how you’ve structured your workforce, they just want a real person to answer their phone call. Even moderate sized businesses have realised that it’s no longer even viable to employ an in house receptionist in a sparsely occupied office when virtual receptionists working as a professional answering service can easily handle the call volume and perform all the call management for inbound calls. Your telephone answering service charge will be at a fraction of the cost of the traditional employee receptionist model.. The price of a phone answering service is minimal when compared with the salary costs and overheads of a full-time receptionist, plus the dedicated receptionist office space and the messy ad hoc impact of juggling phone answering when the receptionist is sick or on holiday leave or even just out getting lunch. Also let’s not forget the business impact for a small business owner if your receptionist can’t get to work because of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions.

WFH has also produced a major shift for your customers. Many business people have changed their usual work hours to provide a more efficient WFH work-life balance, and hence that old 9am – 5 pm tradition has been replaced by 11am – 7pm and get in that morning gym workout or 7am- 4 pm and pick up the kids from school. Strict office hours and a phone call at 5.10 pm or 8.20am reverting to voicemail is no longer acceptable in this new environment, people want to talk to a real person.

Why choose Virtual Headquarters for your call answering services?

With 15 years commercial industry experience our telephone answering service has learnt a lot. We’ve learnt to constantly stay aware of the changes in communication technology, the shifts in customer care methodology and the importance of always being professional and human. The world has moved on from voicemail, just as voicemail was a technological leap to capture those business opportunities when the phone kept ringing and no-one was available to answer the call. The world has also moved on from the tradition of a company receptionist, often just one person - an inherently unreliable approach to modern communication.

Virtual Headquarters has the 15 years + experience and our phone answering service is all Australian based, 24/7. Our answering service pricing is simple and clear and compared to the cost of a dedicated in-house reception we will really save your business some money. Even if you don’t have a receptionist, just releasing yourself or your staff from the constant juggling act of handling calls and filtering all those enquiries will be a dramatic boost to the effectiveness of your team. With your professional answering services they’ll be no more mundane interruptions at meetings. Your business won’t lose the opportunities of future revenue because the caller was so put off by a terse voice from a stressed employee trying to manage calls. Your Virtual Headquarters phone answering service will also allow you the flexibility to have customer calls live answered on weekends and holidays or after your normal business hours or we can be your support to handle overflow calls at peak times.

Imagine the complete professionalism of our team answering phone calls on behalf of your business in just the right friendly tone. We will present an image of your business that will impress your customers – and you can be sure that important first customer contact will always be professional and positive and a sudden increase in call volume will never be a problem with the scalability of your virtual receptionist service.

How do I start my phone answering service?

Give us a call. We’ll answer promptly in a welcoming voice. We will talk through the cost of an answering service with you and together decide on the best service plan to have your calls answered. Then we’ll discuss all the aspects of your business and understand your services and products and complete a FAQ for our virtual receptionist team. Its not at all complicated, and we have set up services for companies just like yours so we know how to ensure the process is comprehensive and straightforward. We’ll also provide you with a local phone number that you can share with customers or just use your current number if you prefer – either way the calls will be routed through to your virtual reception. We will also integrate your instructions on how you’d like calls handled and what calls to be prioritised and routed to members of your team. Once your call handling process is in place, most messaging will be via email or SMS text, and you’ll have the absolute certainty of knowing that we’ll never miss a call and every call will be answered by a professional.

Call Answering. A telephone answering service. The modern call management solution. It’s what we do.

There are also additional services that your Virtual Headquarters team can provide to reduce the pressures on your team, extra virtual services that can give your management more options. A virtual assistant can be a great support in scheduling meetings and populating diaries and just generally acting as an immediate admin resource when you need one.

For every business there are challenges and opportunities. At Virtual Headquarters we are here to support your business journey.