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24/7 Receptionist Services

Nobody can work 24 hours a day. We all have to sleep. If you work too many hours your business will suffer. Exhaustion isn’t a strategy. You need to rest. Your staff need to rest.

However, your customers may keep different working hours to you. They could start late at 11am and work until 7pm. Some of your small business customers might only have time to call on the weekends. If prospective customers call after hours – will their business calls be met by an answering machine, a robot voice mail instructing them to ‘speak after the beep’? Is that your friendly greeting to customers who call just after business hours? Do you really think they will call your phone number again?

You can make a difference and build customer loyalty from the very first contact. Let our friendly live receptionist service experts promptly answer telephone calls in your business name. A live friendly welcoming voice answering queries and providing updates will keep that business opportunity alive.

Let Us Answer Your After Hours Calls

Work life balance is important. Achieving a balance engenders sensible and wise decision making. Plenty of rest and recreation is a recipe for ensuring good health and building stamina for the challenges ahead.

With a Virtualheadquarters live after hours virtual receptionist team you can be available to your clients whenever you want. You will never miss an opportunity. You will be certain that every business call will be answered in your business name.

That’s two winning strategies. 1/ Ensure you and your staff have a work life balance because they are not answering calls after their work day.2/ Ensure your firm is available to customer calls at any time of the day with a live friendly welcoming voice to capture every business lead.

A client phone call at 6.30pm, after business hours. No problem. A customer calling at 10am on a Saturday morning, thinking you may be working on the weekends. No Problem. A customer’s phone calls ringing urgently from a different time zone at 6.00am your time - well before business hours. No problem. Our after hours Australian-based Virtual Receptionist service will promptly answer every call and professionally manage all your business enquiries. There is no need to bother any tired employee to get calls answered outside of business hours. Use the fresh receptionists with the perfect tone at VH phone answering services.

Current clients and customers considering your business will get a very positive impression from actually having someone representing your business talking to them. Your excellent after-hours customer service shows you care. You might be a small business but your reception service gives you a bigger profile. With your dedicated reception services customers calls are always welcome and never an unsettling interruption to the work day.

Think of after hours or 24/7 call answering when your business has a special product launch and you want to gather and monitor all the feedback. Think of virtual reception services for new marketing campaigns as you expand into new markets and potentially increase the market footprint by X5. If you want to capture that new business, you can’t do it with voicemail – answer those phone calls and market your business with a live welcoming presence.

You can use your Virtualheadquarters professional phone answering services whenever you need as your phone answering solutions. There are no cumbersome locked-in long-term contracts. We also offer a free virtual receptionist trial so you can really see the value of our receptionists answering all your calls at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Many of our clients also realise the value of expanding the hours of their receptionist service to 24/7. They grasp that VH means they can extend their availability to customers and save money by not employing a dedicated in-house receptionist with all the overheads. The reality is that your customers will simply think that person welcoming them in your business name is sitting in your offices, and after a while you will too – your virtual telephone answering service will become like your own staff.