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Getting a Call Answering Service Just Makes Sense

What Does A Virtual Receptionist Cost?

Our Virtual Receptionist Service is priced according to the volume of calls to your business. There are a range of service plans to choose from, based on the level of answering services that best suit your needs.

Our service pricing ranges from a very basic package of $29 retainer per month and a fee of $3.50 per call and then we offer a broad range of popular packages with call volume options inclusive of calls. Our most popular package for small businesses is inclusive of 50 calls and priced at a retainer of $165 per month. We offer services for 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 calls per month, all the way up to 1,000 and higher. Each calls-based package has a retainer, and any excess calls over the range are charged at a small cost of $3.15-3.50, depending on your package.

Why choose Virtual Headquarters?

A Virtual Reception service makes good financial sense – it is a smart cost-effective solution to answer your calls but there are considerations to cover to ensure you get the advantages you want. Firstly, it is crucial that you check a few things with any Virtual Answering Service:

1/ How long has their Virtual Receptionist Service been in business? What experience do they have? At Virtual Headquarters we have been providing Live Reception services in Australia for more than fifteen years.

2/ Where are their Virtual Receptionists based? The Virtual Headquarters Answering Services team is all locally Australian based, 24/7.

3/ Do customers have to enter long term contracts? Do customers have to sign for a minimum term? VHQ offers flexibility. Just use your Answering Service when you need. Month to month is fine. Change the service plan and per call rate when you need. We want to reflect the versatile service ethos that business requires in these challenging times of opportunity and risk.

4/ Are there any set-up costs or service deposits? VHQ will not charge you any of these sorts of fees.

The Virtual Headquarters Call Answering Services have succeeded in business because we offer our clients a reliable professional service. Many of our clients have been with us for more than five years and they just see our live receptionists as part of their company, just like their very own full time receptionist.

A really important aspect of our success is that your Virtual Reception Service are all Australian based. That means 24/7 all the time – not some of the time. We are not like some competitors who route incoming calls to foreign answering centres after business hours.

Having local Australian Receptionists answering callers in the name of your business carries weight with your customers because they know that the Virtual Receptionists will understand the idiom and the dialect instantly. The local VHQ receptionist team know Australian business and all the terms of usage we all use each day. Your busy customers will be comfortable when their important call is handled by Australians in a friendly and professional manner -that’s a huge plus in customer care and a professional image is an excellent foundation for sales.

It Makes Business Sense

Maybe you and your staff are just too busy to take calls and you think you need support during busy times, so you’ve contacted a Telephone Answering Service to answer your calls.

We can answer those overflows calls. Your Virtual Receptionist team is scalable, so when it gets busy with a high call volume it’s never a problem for VHQ.


The Benefits of a Virtual Reception Service – advantages that you might not realise

How does a Live Answering Service work? What’s the detail?

Commencing your Telephone Answering Service is easy. We make it easy because we have all the experience of implementing Call Answering for many businesses just like yours. Firstly give our helpful customer care representatives team a call and we’ll talk through all the service plans and the Virtual Receptionist pricing and help you decide on the plan that best suits your needs. We’ll also tell you all about our 7 day free trial – a way to test our team without any obligations on your part. It’s a no pressure process. We haven’t stayed at the forefront of the Live Answering Service industry by playing games with a customer’s trust.

Once you’ve settled on a reception service package we’ll learn all about your business and set up a FAQ for the Virtual Reception and discuss the messaging options for email messages and SMS texting. Then we need your instructions on how you want to prioritise and handle the inbound calls – and your preferences on how your Virtual Reception should greet your callers when they are answering calls in the name of your business. (You will also be given an allocated local number that you can use for your customers or you can just keep your existing number and all calls will just be routed from that number to our reception team).

Your Telephone Answering Service can be taking calls and transferring calls for your firm within less than an hour. Your business will save money and gain customers. Your commercial image in the marketplace will be consistently professional as our expert team begin answering your calls in the name of your business. We want your business to succeed. Your success is our success, it’s that simple. Call us if you need any more information. We will answer promptly, in a warm welcoming voice.

(Thinking Virtual means thinking about opportunity. One benefit of going Virtual just means providing a service without paying for all the traditional costs. Great advances in technology have allowed this versatility. A Virtual Receptionist can also be associated with a Virtual Office. A Virtual Office is usually an address at a respected office building where a business can receive mail and packages and utilise meeting rooms and admin services – without the cost of having to lease office space. Thinking Virtual means realising Versatile solutions to the challenges of business – let Virtualheadquarters show you).