Virtual Office Australia

Virtual Office Australia

Virtual Office Solutions in Australia – Transform Your Company

What is a virtual office?

The term 'virtual office' encompasses a huge range of virtual office services available today.

Depending on your company's needs you may use one or ten of these to achieve the image and presence you are after.

At Virtual Headquarters, we have services ranging from virtual receptionists to virtual assistants as well as virtual office addresses and other solutions like hot desks and meeting rooms for you to access when needed.

What are some of the benefits?

With the huge range of services available, there are so many benefits of a virtual office!

Local presence across Australia

We have local phone numbers in every major city in Australia as well as 1300 numbers available which can be used in numerous ways (e.g. our divert service where you call forward your local or 1300 number to your own mobile and you answer your own calls or your local or 1300 numbers can be answered by our virtual receptionists).

This way, you can help establish yourself across Australia or just in one city.

A local number may be just the push a potential customer needs to pick up the phone and give you a call.

We also have virtual addresses across Australia!

These are addresses you can use in advertising, on your website, on business cards etc. that will give customers and partners the idea that you have an office at that location.

With our prestigious addresses you can help gain the respect of your customers and partners without the cost of actually owning office space in that prime location.

Save time

With our virtual receptionist packages you can have one of our friendly team of Australian receptionists answering each one of your calls. They will answer your calls as you want and can take care of some of the simpler tasks such as gathering customer information and answering simple questions. We can forward calls through to you as you wish or if you do not wish to be disturbed, we can take a message. That way, your work day is not being broken up by calls that you don't need to be answering and you can return your customers' calls at a time when you are able to give them your full attention. The service can be tailored and changed to work exactly how you decide.

Save money

We already talked about how much money you can save using our virtual address service to get you a prime location in Australia. On top of that, think of all the money you could save with our virtual receptionist service over hiring your own in-house receptionist!

Our receptionists can do everything an in-house receptionist can do and more. They can work whatever hours you like, answer your calls exactly as you like and will never miss a call.

With our huge range of plans, you will be able to find one that works for you. We allow you to sign up, upgrade, down grade and cancel at any time with no additional costs so you can adjust your subscription as needed to find something that works with your call load. That way, you are only paying for what you need. Plus, with our friendly receptionists answering every call we'll help you to build stronger relationships with your customer and that means MORE SALES!

If you would like to find out more, call us on 1300 885 830 or to trial our live answering service simply click on the Free Trial icon on our site and we will be answering your calls in 60 seconds from now! No obligation to continue after the trial, it's totally free!


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