Print Shops need never miss another call with a 24/7 Live Answering Service

Print Shops need never miss another call with a 24/7 Live Answering Service

Finding new clients is an expensive exercise so when a prospect calls your Print Shop for the first time it's crucial the phone is answered promptly and professionally.

Many of our Print Shop, Media and Graphic Design clients answer their own phones in the first instance but if they have too many calls or are busy dealing with a job or a customer query then with a Virtual Receptionist they know the call will not be missed!

People often comment on the invasiveness of the telephone when they are in a retail print shop. There are often times when a customer makes an effort to walk into a store to speak with a sales person only to be constantly interrupted by incoming phone calls that the sales person feels compelled to answer. On the other side of the coin, people calling a busy retail print store are often kept on hold or sent to voicemail when they'd rather speak to a live receptionist.

Most small retail print, media and design stores operate with minimal staff and infrastructure. It's important those retail stores carefully manage costs if they are to compete with larger competitors. However, one of the problems of having minimal staff is sometimes not providing the optimum service that people expect from a professional printer. If your retail print business is suffering from either missing calls or having walk-in clients getting upset by a constantly ringing telephone, then using a live telephone answering service is the solution.

Your store can utilise the Virtual Receptionist live phone answering service on a permanent basis or selectively on overflow for when you cannot answer calls. For instance, you may just want to use a live telephone answering service to work for your business early in the morning before opening or during breaks, or at other times when it is typically hectic in the store with walk-in customers. You may also want to use a live receptionist to support your store during an influx of calls as a result of an advertising or direct marketing campaign. The Virtual Receptionist live telephone answering service is as flexible as you need it to be to support the successful operation of your printing business.

For those retail print shops with an existing business telephone number (e.g. 02, 08, 03, 07, 1300, 1800 etc) there is no need to change that number. Simply divert your existing business phone number (to the unique local phone number we issue you with during the Free Trial setup process) at any time and instantly our receptionists will be answering and handling your telephone calls!

Just like your own staff, calls can be transferred to the relevant staff member or department or a message taken and instantly sent to you or your staff by SMS or Email.

Our live Phone Answering Service can be up and running in five minutes from now by signing up for our No Obligation FREE 7 Day Trial.

So grow your print business by ensuring you never miss another call! Stay in control of your day, doing those tasks that need to be done now with the peace of mind that all calls are being answered promptly and professionally by your professional Virtual Receptionist.

Expand your Print business interstate or Australia wide - instantly!

Have you ever thought of expanding your print business interstate, without expanding interstate physically?

Then a Virtual Address might be worth a thought.

Through our nationwide network of business centres around Australia a Virtual Office will allow you to look local in any major Australian city (e.g. Sydney, North Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, Parramatta and Adelaide) while remaining where you are. We can provide you with a local phone number in any major city or simply a Prime Mailing Address in a city or cities of your choice. For a fraction of the cost of opening an office yourself!

Give us a call today to discuss how a Virtual Receptionist and / or a Virtual Address can improve your market reach to attract and win more customers for your printing business.


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