Our receptionists score A+ when answering calls for the Education Industry

Our receptionists score A+ when answering calls for the Education Industry

  • Eliminate wait times for students and parents
  • Spend more time on what you do best – teaching the next generation
  • Save money spent on administration to spend on world class innovation
  • Professional, genuine receptionists ready to take calls 24/7

At Virtual Headquarters, we provide 24/7 customer service support to educational facilities, ensuring that no student, parent, alumni or faculty staff will ever have to wait for assistance. Our professionally trained Australian based receptionists will take care of answering your calls, while you can focus on enhancing your institution further and using your precious time where it matters most. Our premium education telephone answering service will be an additional support channel for a fraction of the cost of another full-time employee. Less time answering phones means that your school has more time to spend on developing important services, curriculums and educational programs for your students.

Whether you are a public or private school, a college or university, we can help you campus-wide. We understand that your institution is a bustling organisation and that there are always hundreds of tasks to deal with at once. During peak times at the beginning and end of the academic calendar, call wait times can be frustrating for prospective students and parents wanting a tour of facilities. Reduce strain on your own employees and don’t let your spectacular reputation be affected by the quality of answered phone calls. Let us handle your calls and reception services!

Our exceptional live telephone answering service operates on a 24/7 basis, meaning that no matter what time of day or night it is, you can be assured that your calls are being answered professionally every time by an industry trained receptionist. This makes Virtual Headquarters the perfect solution to handle your overflow calls during particularly busy periods of the year, or simply for entire departments and faculties. We work closely with your educational institution to create a strong level of caller satisfaction through our ongoing dedication to providing a high-quality service.

We want to help you positively contribute to society, giving students voice and stimulating them in a challenging environment to achieve their personal best. Make sure your graduates have the skills they need in their lives by supporting teachers and creating a positive learning environment. Don’t let your students down in times of high stress and examination periods – let them focus on study rather than wait on the phone if they need help. Our service can be tailored to your needs, whether you offer degrees, diplomas, professional development training or online courses. We understand your institution may have numerous events, resources, extracurricular programs, electives, term dates and student councils vital to campus life. Virtual Headquarters can help manage the back end by taking your phone calls.

Let us deal with the administration behind the scenes, while you provide comprehensive education to your aspirational learners. Focus on your institution’s vision and strategic direction towards equity and excellence. Foster the inclusive, safe and friendly educational environment that your resilient, creative and thoughtful high-achievers need to thrive!

Why does Virtual Headquarters have superior service?

You will be impressed by the dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence that our virtual receptionists continually show your callers whether they be students, teachers or parents. Our Australian based receptionists have years of industry experience and continually receive personal professional development training, so they remain at the forefront of the customer service industry. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds! Virtual Headquarters will uphold the fantastic reputation of your school or university with our superior telephone answering service by ensuring you never miss any more calls. With plans starting from as little as $20 a month, our packages are both cost effective and flexible as you can upgrade or downgrade plans or cancel the service at any time. The high level of flexibility and commitment we provide to education facilities is unrivalled in today’s virtual industry, ensuring your college will receive a quality service at an affordable price. So much so, some 30-40% of our new customers come from referrals from existing clients. It is no surprise to us why our 7000+ current live telephone answering service customers are continually impressed by our service!

How can Virtual HQ assist your school?

As an educational institution, we know that you get many calls a day from prospective students and their families, seeking information on enrolment, campus accommodation, scholarships, textbooks, degrees and subjects. Sometimes they may have questions about registration, loans, events, orientation, careers and employment or are interested in having a tour of the campus. Every call that comes in for your school or university will be answered with your selected personalised greeting by one of our polite and highly trained Australian based virtual receptionists. Telephone calls that come in for your organisation can be immediately transferred to you or a designated staff member. If you are unavailable then our highly trained telephone answering receptionists can take a detailed message and forward this to you or a staff member or department via text, email or both. When you sign up to our team, we ask you to provide us with details about your education facility, so our receptionists can efficiently support the caller, route calls appropriately or take messages. Our telephone representatives can also collect student information, screen calls, dispatch help in emergencies, assist with class registration and answer questions from your FAQ. Our service is so genuine that your callers will be convinced our receptionist is your own employee, sitting in an office on campus.

What happens when a staff member calls in sick?

We understand that your school is your business and therefore needs the most productive and skilful team on the field in order to run successfully. By becoming an integrated part of our team, you will no longer have to worry about micromanaging your receptionist’s staff schedules or professional development. This includes foregoing the worry of organising a replacement when your receptionist is sick, at lunch or on a holiday. They will score the highest marks with your callers all day, every day. After using our service for 7 days we believe you will be so impressed with our receptionists that you will want to continue with the service but there is no obligation to do so. Give us a call or sign up online today by clicking one of the free trial icons on our site. With no long-term contracts, no set up fees and a no obligation Free 7-day Trial to test drive the service, what have you got to lose?


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