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The Office Space Dilemma in the time of Covid

Physical or Virtual Office in the time of Covid

What is the best direction for your business?

Covid19 has changed the commercial real estate market, seemingly, irretrievably. Many experts say that the Work from Home (WFH) alternative is now an acknowledged reality for millions of companies across the world and the business community will never return to the office space model that was prevalent pre pandemic.

The health emergency has not only limited the movement of people from their homes to their places of work, it has also forced the office space at the actual workplace to be re-configured and the bearing capacity has consequently been reduced, officially and unofficially.

Every business space for rent is marketed within a Covid19 atmosphere, a maze of necessities with few certainties. The office leasing market has been massively impacted. Malls and plazas that were once teeming with office workers are often almost deserted at lunch times.

Each business owner now has a new set of considerations when searching for office space to rent and arranging to get a business address.

The question arises, what are the priorities for SMEs in this new world? Number one priority is to be flexible. Versatility is the best approach when change is taking place in many directions at once. Some products and services have experienced record revenues during Covid19 but other businesses with leaden feet and the wrong product at the wrong time have collapsed and removed the security of a regular wage from thousands of homes.

When we think of the cost of leasing offices under the old model and then factor in Covid19 space protocols and the simple current wariness of staff and customers to commute and shop in the previous fashion, it’s obvious that we need a new option. SME’s need a contemporary alternative that doesn’t burn cash waiting for the world to change.

A Virtual Business address is the solution

A Virtual Business office allows you the versatility of a premium address for your business marketing without all the concerns of cost and physical presence. Your Virtual mailing address provides a reliable and secure location for incoming mail and packages to your business. At your premium Virtual office the professional administration staff can advise you when there is correspondence and even scan it and email it through to you. Imagine, you won’t ever need to wait for mail delivery at some physical office or your separate home office mailbox ever again. You won’t need to go online and search for mailboxes near me or worry about someone tampering with the mail.

So your Virtual office space provides you a premium respected address at an actual prominent and impressive office building, whether in the capital city CBD or the CBD of regional business hubs. You have visibility to clients, you have flexibility to adapt your strategies and you have the certainty that you have saved costs in uncertain times because there are no burdensome overheads. Your mail is also safe and secure at your virtual business office and your business card promotes you.

Now perhaps your business is mostly based on WFH staff or even if you want to expand you don’t want to also carry the cost of a large office suite rental that staff have to commute to. There is also a new conundrum for CEO’s and business managers who have traditionally wanted their office staff all in the one place all the time - that management prerogative was lost in the early days of stay at home orders and locality restrictions and won’t ever return. Too many talented people in such a broad range of professions have equipped themselves and become accustomed to the rigours and the delights of WFH to revert back ever again. How much great talent will that traditional office model miss out on if WFH is not recognised as integral to the new normal?

Space is what it is all about. Virtual office space, a virtual office address provides your business with image but there are times when you will need physical space for meetings. The Virtual office alternative with an address in a prestigious building at a respected location invariably opens to the door to a suite of other business offerings that smooth out and solve the necessities of operating a business. Your Virtual office provider knows what a business needs - we provide modern meetings rooms with the latest audio-visual technology. Choose the size you need and just book the space. Imagine not having to pay the costs of outfitting a stylish boardroom with classic lighting and chic functionality but booking the space whenever you need it. Meet your staff when you need to in a refined environment they will want to commute to. Meet your clients in modern meeting rooms with every convenience at your Virtual office business address. Just book the space. Be physical when you need to be physical but be virtual the rest of the time.

Covid19 has altered how we perceive the commercial property for lease listings. A cheap and new office space for rent on the perimeter of the city may no longer receive any enquiries because who wants to commute with train travel strangers that far? Offices that seem spacious in the promotional images soon become small and claustrophobic with no access to outside air and sunlight when visited with pan pandemic sensitivity. Eyes that once examined the office space rental for how many people can it fit now immediately view the office lease from the healthy office perspective and all the work that’s needed to make it right. It’s a dilemma that needs options to solve it.

Virtual options. A Virtual Office address to provide business presence. Meeting Rooms and Co-Working spaces when you need them – the finest environment in the ‘pay only for what you need when you need it’ model. A business model so suited to the unpredictability of today’s commercial environment. Then lets not forget your Virtual Receptionist. Local based WFH professional receptionists answering your business calls on behalf of your business just like they were sitting in the office you don’t have because you have chosen the Virtual option too! Dilemma solved. When change is happening in many directions at once, choose flexibility and solve your office space dilemma, go Virtual.


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