Build your virtual headquarters and simplify your business life

Build your virtual headquarters and simplify your business life

A virtual headquarters will decrease your workload

What exactly is a virtual headquarters?

A virtual headquarters is a system that can be comprised of any of a range of virtual office services that help to streamline your work. This might include a virtual receptionist, a virtual address, a call forwarding service and / or a message-taking service.

How can a virtual receptionist make your life easier?

A Virtual Receptionist is someone who can perform a range of receptionist services, much like an in-house receptionist, but at a fraction of the cost.

At Virtual Headquarters, we have a team of friendly Australian receptionists ready and waiting to take your calls. This means that you will not have to worry about missing calls. It means that you can focus on your work without stopping to answer the phone every five minutes. Our receptionists can take a message for you or forward calls onto you, whichever you would prefer. That way, you can respond to customers when you have a chance to give them your full attention.

Choosing to use our services saves you the hassle of sifting through resumes and conducting interviews to find the perfect receptionist. We have a whole team of perfect receptionists! We have done all the hard work for you.

You simply have to tell us a bit about your company and let us know how you want your calls answered and handled.

Serving some 5,000 clients in Australia, our receptionists will represent your company brilliantly on every call, just as if they were sitting right there with you in your office. YES, it is that real!

How can a virtual office address make your life easier?

A virtual address is one which you can advertise on your website and use on business cards without you having to lease a physical office at that location.

This has got to be the simplest way to gain a local or national presence and increase your potential client base.

A prime location in the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth will help you gain the trust of your customers through portraying a professional image – and we can have you set up within 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can continue operating from the comfort of your home office.

How can I complete my virtual headquarters?

A virtual headquarters would not be complete without office space available when you needed it.

At Virtual Headquarters, a number of our virtual address locations offer hot desks, board rooms and spectacular meeting rooms - available to you as you need them. Delivering on the image you have created for your company.

With Virtual Headquarters, our virtual office services are extremely flexible and able to be updated at any time, so you can adopt solutions that work for you over time. Your virtual office can be up and running in only a few minutes, it's that simple.

To find out more about our services, browse through our site some more or give us a call on 1300 885 830.


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