PR, Marketing & Advertising Agencies - never miss a call again!


Whether your Public Relations (PR) firm, Marketing Agency or Advertising Agency consists of 2, 5 or 35 staff it is critical all calls are answered professionally and promptly while being routed to the appropriate professional. Or if you are not available a message sent to the right person so they can respond to the caller as soon as is practical.

For new business opportunities one missed call may be a lost client!

All of our clients have a process for answering calls, whether there are 1, 2, 5 or 55 staff in the agency.

For agencies with say 5 staff, calls may be answered by whoever is in the office. But what happens if you are all busy or all productive on billable client work? What is the real cost of being interupted to answer a call for a colleague?

For agencies with 20 or 30 staff, most will have a full time in-house receptionist who answers calls. What happens when she is at lunch? is on annual leave? is busy on other tasks or rings in sick?

That's where a Virtual Receptionist can add value to your agency, by ensuring all calls are answered, either by your staff, your in-house receptionist or by a Virtual Headquarters receptionist.

To take advanatge of a Virtual Receptionist there is no need to change your existing business telephone number.

During the FREE 7 Day Trial set up process you allocate yourself a local telephone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney or North Sydney, 026 for Canberra, 03 for Melbourne, 07 for Brisbane or the Gold Coast, 08 for Adelaide or Perth etc) and that is the phone number that we know your agency by. Whether you call that phone number directly (e.g. if you were a start up firm and you don't have an existing business telephone number) or divert your existing business phone number to the number we allocate you, our friendly, professional receptionists will instantly be answering your telephone calls.

That allows you and your staff to be productive while having the peace of mind of knowing you will never miss a call again.

Many of our clients also add a Virtual Address to their Live Telephone Answering Service for a total Virtual Office solution. This is particularly so for firms wishing to expand interstate. They can have a presence in that state with a Virtual Office or multiple Virtual Offices for a fraction of the cost of setting up a new office themselves. When the level of business in that new market justifies it, the agency can then lease their own office in that new city.

So whether you require a Virtual Receptionist Service for every call or just on overflow for when you and your staff cannot answer calls the bottom line is an efficient call answering process will ensure your agency looks professional while staff are being as productive as possible.

So put us to the test by setting up a No Obligation Free 7 Day Trial of our Virtual Receptionist Phone Answering Service. It takes 5 minutes to set up and we can be answering and handling your calls.