Call answering services for transport companies

Drive sales with a virtual receptionist!

  • Save money on administration to fuel more client trips!
  • 24 hour, 365 day service from professional Australian receptionists
  • Spend more time growing your business, while we handle your phones
  • Keep all your clients satisfied with superior customer service

Virtual headquarters has the call answering solution perfect for any transport business!

Moving house, transporting goods, delivering packages, exploring with tourists or planning logistics – your industry is competitive. Running a transport company can be challenging; between dealing with timetables and fluctuating fuel costs, hiring chauffeurs and making labour decisions it can be difficult to find time or money to answer the phones. Teaming up with a third party live answering service is a low-cost solution giving you peace of mind and more customers!

When your dispatcher is busty juggling a lot of calls they just don’t have time to answer questions about the next available bus rental. 80% of callers who reach voicemail or a busy line will simply hang up and ring the next transport company on their list. Don’t steer away clients and lose money with poor customer service, a prompt response is everything in the transport industry. If you team up with Virtual Headquarters, whoever needs to contact your office will always reach a professional Australian receptionist, ready to help with any query.

Whether you specialize in taxi cabs, freight transport, emergency vehicles, air travel or limousines - missed calls means missed business. Even if you cater to elite clientele who rent private jets or boats, they also won’t tolerate voicemail – you’ve got to have a personal connection. Using a live answering service can keep your callers satisfied with high quality customer service, while leaving you distraction-free in the office to work without the ever-ringing phone. As an expert in the transport industry, you are great at getting things where need to be, when they need to be there. But there’s still always a chance that unforeseen circumstances can occur. If it’s an emergency, the caller doesn’t have time to waste. Virtual Headquarters has the fastest pickup times in Australia and can assist with informing the right people as soon as possible. Emergencies can happen anytime day or night – don’t risk leaving a driver stranded if they are calling in after-hours.

Excellent customer service to drive the point home.

Here at Virtual Headquarters, we are proud of the service we provide. Our receptionists are the best in business and will promptly answer every call with a smile. We guarantee that all your callers will reach a positive, helpful and understanding voice. In fact, we answer 93% of calls in 10 seconds or less!
No matter whether you are a mass transit or small leisure transportation company, Virtual Headquarters has over 10 years of answering experience to help your business. Our service can be used to support both clients and drivers, take coach tour bookings and transfer calls to you from anywhere. With over 10,000 happy clients, we are confident that Virtual headquarters can work for any transport service provider.

With packages starting at only $20 a month and no lock-in contracts, Virtual Headquarters can help your business grow! Our service is fully flexible, so you can choose to use it for full-time, part-time, after-hours or simply overflow answering during peak times. With only a small monthly cost, we could be scoring you hundreds of dollars’ worth of bookings you might have missed!

How can Virtual Headquarters help you manage your phone calls?

When you first sign up to our 7-day FREE trial, you will be issued a number from Virtual Headquarters. Whenever someone calls this number, we will answer in your business name. You can choose to use this new number as your own, or divert your existing phones to it, and we will be taking your calls. It’s that easy!

Basic questions and calls can be easily handled by just a receptionist without even bothering any of your staff. Simply tell us a bit about your fleet – do you have refrigerated trucks, road trains or mini vans on offer? When a caller asks about your services we will be able to provide them with new up to date information. Your clients will be convinced that we are your receptionist sitting right in your office!

With more complicated enquiries about specific fleets and bookings, using your call protocol we can transfer the caller to any staff member or department. If they are busy, we can easily take a detailed message and send it to you via email/SMS or both. Whether a client has changed their pickup location or end destination at the last minute, we can help you get the messages ASAP if your phones are too busy.

Your clients will feel confident that their needs are being cared for, while you can get back to them when you’ve got time. With such a flexible service, Virtual Headquarters can help you keep your business running smoothly.

After-hours calls will never be a problem again!

Although your office might only be open from 9-5, people might urgently need to know the status of their delivery at any time of night. Customers calling in when your office is closed don’t want to wait until the next day with their enquiry if it could be answered right now. Keep your drivers and clients confident that someone will be there to answer their call. With a 24 hour, 7 day service, Virtual Headquarters can act as after-hours support for your transport business, making sure you don’t miss a single call again.

Keep your staff and clients happy, no matter how busy the phones get!

Don’t let the cost of missed business get you stressed. Even one extra booking made possible with Virtual Headquarters would pay off our monthly rate! If you’re busy organising dispatches all day, the ever-ringing phone isn’t going to help. With more specialised, custom tours being ordered every week, it can be a struggle to organise them all with any time in your day to spare. Give your staff a break from the phone and reduce stress levels in the office with a live answering service taking care of your calls.

We are ready to provide callers comfort when you are just too busy to respond. Logistics providers, medical transport, and sports transport services can all benefit from a live answering service. Whether you deal mostly with short or long distances, your goods are in the right hands if you choose Virtual Headquarters.

Get there faster with Virtual Headquarters!

With thousands of happy clients and cheap packages to suit any business, there’s no reason Virtual Headquarters isn’t right for you. Cut administration costs in your office and make sure all your callers get the best possible customer service. With our 7-day FREE TRIAL, you can experience the benefits of all our features – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Sign up now or call us on 1300 885 830 to get started!