Call answering services for the entertainment industry

  • Land more gigs and shows with no more missed calls!
  • Professional Australian receptionists enhance your brand image when you’re not there
  • Spend more time practising, performing and working on your acts
  • Increase profit with a fully flexible pay as you go service, suitable for any entertainer

Keep your clients entertained in the audience and on the phone with first-class customer service!

Being an entertainer requires lots of dedication, long hours and hard work to become successful, but doing something you really love makes it all worth it. In such a competitive industry its hard to get your name known and your act out there when you don’t have time to market yourself. But market perception is crucial to making it or breaking it in show business – you’ve got to have the edge that will make you stand out from the rest! With a rock-star level of support, Virtual Headquarters can help you grow your fanbase. Keep your fans happy with exceptional customer service and don’t let them down with voicemail and unanswered calls. You are an expert on engaging audiences, whether you specialise in music, theatre, dance or sports. As a singer, DJ, musician, dancer, magician, actor or sportsperson, you have dedicated your life to pursuing your passion as a career – don’t let poor customer service get in the way of building your business. It’s crucial for you to rehearse for your big show to give a stunning performance, but it’s hard to focus when the phone is constantly ringing.

Missed calls means missed gigs. You might be missing amazing opportunities while you’re out in front of an audience unable to take a call! Don’t worry about being too busy to answer your phone – we’ve got you covered while on the road or on the stage. Never lose out on a booking with a third-party answering service like Virtual Headquarters. Voicemail is for amateurs and can drive off potential clients – have a professional receptionist answer your calls. Get more event bookings, and never miss a single contractor, investor or vendor enquiry again. Your performances are the result of so much hard work on your end, let us help you get the attention and return you deserve.

We understand that not every call is as important as the other – with some instructions from you, we can make sure you’re getting the calls that you really need to answer, and others don’t bother you. Make your business seem larger than it is and increase brand awareness with a professional receptionist answering some or even all of your calls. Broadcasting, film, television and radio workers can also benefit from our service. Virtual Headquarters has the solution for you, so can concentrate on getting the set, lighting and sound systems perfect for the next shoot.

Virtual Headquarters – the number one phone answering service in Australia!

Here at Virtual Headquarters, we are pride of our level of customer service. With over 10 years of service in phone answering, we are confident that our phone assistants are the best in the country. In fact, we answer 93% of calls in 10 seconds or less! Our Australian receptionists are all professionally trained to answer each call promptly and with a smile. We are dedicated to your clients and treat them as though they were our own!

With hundreds of clients in all fields of the entertainment industry, we understand that bookings, venues and times can always change in an instant. Keep up to date with all your current clients, investors and shows without the hassle of always picking up your phone. Our superior phone answering system can cater for small one-man bands or entertainment companies with hundreds of employees. Whether you need us for full-time, after hours or overflow answering, Virtual Headquarters is ready to help. With our live answering service, you only pay for what you use. With packages starting from just $20 per month and no lock in contracts, you have the freedom to use our service as you need. With a small monthly cost, we could be scoring you hundreds of dollars’ worth of bookings you might have missed!

Fully customisable service fit for any entertainer!

Setting up an account with Virtual Headquarters takes only a few minutes! When you sign up to our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, you will receive a unique landline in a city of your choice, which we will know your business by. You can choose to use this number as your business number, or you can redirect your existing advertised number to the new one. From this moment on, we will be taking your calls!

Our answering scripts are fully customisable including our greeting and call protocols. With a little bit of information from you, we can answer your calls most efficiently. Simply tell us about your services, availability, ticket or package prices and venues so that we can help clients and vendors with enquiries. Callers might ask about payment options, cancellation policies, song lists and holiday rates. Whether your callers need help booking seats or want to enquire about your available nights for a show, we can help. We can handle basic questions so you don’t have to, but if you flag any type of call in our protocol as urgent or important, we can transfer it directly to your or a different staff member. If you are unavailable, we can send a detailed message to you and send it through to you via SMS or email. This way, you can keep on track with what calls come in and only answer the ones you really need to.

Easily update your availability on-the-go with our phone app!

We understand that no day is the same for you as an entertainer. Our flexible phone answering service comes with a free phone app available on iPhone and Android. Change your availability anytime and anywhere with a click of a button. When you’re busy and about to go into a meeting, simply change your status to unavailable and we will answer your calls. In your down-time, you could turn off our service and take your calls yourself, if you wish! The choice is all yours.

Get business while you sleep for success the next day!

We know that you don’t work the typical 9-5 hours each day, and your callers might call at any time. Don’t wait until the next day to get back to a potential client – they might have already moved on to the next entertainer on their list. People don’t always call your phone when you’re can answer them, but we are!

With 24/7 service we, our phone assistants at Virtual Headquarters are ready to take calls all day and night. You can relax on tour knowing that all your calls are being answered by capable professional receptionist. Help your clients celebrate with style! Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, party or private function, perform your best for your audience. Increased productivity for a fraction of the cost!

We understand it can feel like you’re getting too many calls to answer yourself. Don’t miss a single booking or audition again – we can answer all your calls while you’re busy giving an audience your undivided attention. Spend more time practicing for the big game, catering for a function or photographing party-goers. You get paid to perform your best, so you can’t afford to stop rehearsing, but missing calls can cost your business in the future. Your service will seem more credible and trustworthy and exceed expectations of your clients.

With all the benefits of a virtual reception service, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! However, you can be your own judge with our free 7-day free trial that will let you test out our service with no strings attached. Let Virtual Headquarters be your foundation for increased productivity and profits in the competitive entertainment industry.

Call us or sign up today and get the edge you need to get to the top!