Call answering services for the energy sector

  • 24/7 service ready for outages or sudden emergencies
  • Exceptional customer service to keep all your clients satisfied
  • Affordable phone answering to increase your profits
  • Capture every lead and answer every question with no missed calls

Virtual Headquarters fuelling quality communication for all utility companies at a fraction of the cost!

Every day, demand grows for more power and water to reach our homes. Utility companies are crucial to our domestic, work and leisure lives as we know it. Whether you are a local or global energy, oil, gas or water provider, everyone depends on you in more ways than one. However, when a problem arises, it’s hard to keep the public informed while you’re out there fixing it. Whether it’s a fountain of water, gas leak or oil spill, we can keep your callers informed and calm. Don’t let your customer service suffer - our reliable phone answering service will keep your business connected with clients 24/7.

When your phone rings, it isn’t someone calling to just chat – they need assistance and took time out of their busy day to call right then. Don’t drive away possible leads and current customers with long wait times or a robotic voicemail, most people will just call the next utility company on the list. Our live answering service let your customers speak to a real person any time they call your number. With our 24/7 service, your business will always be covered.

Whether you specialise in propane delivery, solar panels, or wind energy, you can’t be everywhere all the time. Your staff are constantly occupied supplying the critical services you provide to homes and families. Spend more time running your business, visiting oil rigs, refineries and distribution plants, while we handle your calls.

Neglecting customer care can be demonizing for callers who need a response immediately. A warm calm voice from one of our professional receptionists can diffuse agitated customers and provide status updates or take messages from callers. It’s true that people take your crucial service for granted until something goes wrong. As the first line of contact with your clients, we can help enhance your reputation of your business as one with perfect customer service!

Virtual Headquarters is No.1 in Australia for customer service!

We are proud of the level of service we provide. Our Australian receptionists have been trained to be warm and friendly and answer each call with accuracy and speed, making sure not to waste anybody’s time. Our superior phone system means that we can take in thousands of inbound calls a day and can manage calls for a small local utility company or a large one on a global scale.

We have extensive experience in answering phones for utility companies, so we know exactly what your customers need. They will get help from real people who understand and can help them greatly. In the event of a problem, often a company’s response is scrutinised, and whether they did enough to help the people they service. We have the exceptional level of service that your customers will love.

With plans that start from only $20 a month, pay as you go, our solution will reduce the cost of servicing each prospect or customer who calls in. Keep revenue flowing and capture every lead with our reliable transfer and message delivery service. Whether you need us for overflow support, after hour answering, or full time virtual reception, we are ready to help you. Have the power of choice with Virtual Headquarters customisable service!

Once you sign up to our service, you will receive a new number from virtual headquarters. You can use this number as your new customer service line or redirect your exiting phone to ours. Within seconds, we will be answering your calls!

You can fully customise our call script and information so that we can best represent your business. Your callers will be convinced that our receptionists are sitting in your offices! When you partner with us, we become an integrated part of your team and work for you the way you want us to. Simply give us some basic information regarding the services you provide, general price estimates, and your sustainable energy sources and we will be able to handle any of your calls to your standards.

Following your criteria and protocols, we will answer all calls exactly the way you need us to. In the case of equipment failure, we can give anticipated responses and report emergencies or outages. We can explain energy plans, water services or gas charges. Whether your clients call reporting a blackout, requesting billing information or enquiring about your services, we can easily assist them.

With more complex enquiries, we can easily transfer calls straight through to you or to a designated staff member. If they are not available, our receptionists can take a detailed message and forward it to you through email or SMS. With our flexible phone answering protocol, we will be able to reroute calls directly to the right person in seconds. Increase productivity with more flexibility and more time!

If you do have a dedicated customer service team, what do you do when they are on leave, sick or even on their lunch break? It can be costly to hire and train more employees, and they can often be an unjustifiable cost if customers still have a very long wait in peak period times. Don’t bother with micromanaging staff schedules anymore with a third-party virtual reception service. When you sign up with us, we can take any calls and as many calls as needed. It becomes easier for your staff to do what they need and to have a smaller dedicated customer support team.

Increase productivity in your company with a streamlined workflow. Never let the phone distract you so much again, and spend more time doing what you need to do to run your utility company. We can handle all your calls and make sure only the ones you need get through to you. Your staff will have more time to focus on high-value tasks rather than be distracted by the ever-ringing phone and answering nuisance calls such as telemarketers.

Never miss a single call again with our 24/7 service!

Emergencies never happen between the simple hours of 9-5. It can be incredibly costly to hire receptionists to cover every night, and it can be wasted money when no calls come through in those dark after hours. With our service simply pay for what you use and relax - all your calls will be answered. With Virtual Headquarters after hours service, we can take calls whatever time of the day it is. If you are a global company, some of your clients may be calling in from overseas – this can be difficult to manage if they call during their daytime hours. We have got you covered all for a low price. Whether you are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth or any other city or rural town we can answer your calls.

With all the benefits of a virtual reception service, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! However, you can be your own judge with our free 7-day free trial that will let you test out our entire service with no strings attached. Let Virtual Headquarters be your foundation for long-term growth and stability in the competitive energy industry!

Call us or sign up today and get the edge you need to be the best utility company in Australia!