Call answering services for tech companies

  • Spend more time on innovative projects distraction-free while we handle your calls
  • Superior customer service from Australian professional receptionists
  • 24/7 reception service for any IT company
  • No more missed calls, no more missed business

Missed calls and distracting phones won’t be an issue with the Virtual Headquarters phone answering solution!

Whether you work with websites, software, manufacturing, repair, corporate networking or are a data company your business is important to how we live our lives today. Tech is the future, and the future can’t wait. With new IT firms starting up every day it’s important to make your mark and stand out from the rest.

Many technology businesses are completely focused on developing the next big thing, where in your industry, innovation spells competition. The office is always a busy place with never-ending work. In these situations, customers might not come first and answering calls might not be the top priority. With less walk-ins, more people finding your business online and less time available, most customers will have a first point of contact with your business over the phone.

Clients don’t call because they want a chat - their computer is a mess and they urgently need it. Customers may have troubles with your software, have a broken keyboard or need new access permissions at their office - and you are the one that can help. Modern customers still expect to reach an understanding human voice, with the focus and time to help them. In fact, 67% of callers who reach voicemail or a robotic voice will hang up and simply ring the next number on their list. Missed calls means missed business! Let us bridge the gap between your company and your clients with the attention to detail that they deserve. Customer service won’t get lost when you have a third party answering service!

Spend more time testing, coding, designing and maintaining your products or services while we handle your calls. Don’t let the phone be an unwelcome distraction for your development teams busy with the back end. With a third party answering service, our receptionists can let you work on your projects rather than answering calls. A virtual receptionist can strengthen your brand as one with excellent tech assistance and customer service. From sales to support, Virtual Headquarters can be the front of your company when you don’t have the time. We can be the virtual support for your IT support team.

Perfect service no matter whether you write python and java!

We are proud of the service we provide here at Virtual Headquarters. Our exceptional Australian receptionists are specially trained to answer each call promptly and professionally. With over 10 years in the call answering industry, we know your clients will receive the best customer service with Virtual Headquarters. In fact, we pick up 97% of phone calls within 3 rings or less! Whether you specialize in consulting, programming, setting up networks, maintenance, IT support or innovation, we understand your industry and are ready to help your customers. Our friendly receptionists have the skills to assist your callers and make them feel like the valued client they are.

No matter if you are a small tech start-up or a well-established IT company, our receptionists can answer all your calls where ever and whenever you need us to. Our inbound centre can handle a huge volume of calls every day, and with no extra installations required on your end, our service works can work for tech firm of any size. With a fully flexible service, we can create a custom plan for each of our clients. Whether you need us full-time, part-time, for overflow or simply afterhours, we operate as an extension of your business.

Small businesses can really benefit by from a virtual receptionist service that gives them a professional brand image - callers will believe you have your own receptionist sitting in your own office. With plans starting at twenty dollars a month, you can have all the benefits of a real receptionist for the fraction of the price!

How it all works

When you first sign up to our 7-day FREE trial, you will be issued a unique phone number from Virtual Headquarters, which we will know your business by. Every time someone calls this number, our receptionists will answer in your business name. You can feel free to use this new number as you own, or simply divert your existing company phones to it, and we will be taking your calls! With customisable call scripts, our receptionists are able to answer your callers’ questions just how you want them to. With just a little information from your end we can help callers with minor queries such as your office address, opening hours and services you provide, or if needed provide more extensive scripted answers. Customers will get the information they need, and you will never be bothered by calls requiring an answer to simple requests again!

If customers have more complex issues and inquiries such as a quote request for custom software or for an update on their order, our receptionists can transfer the call to the staff or department that you want them to. In the case that the staff member is unavailable or in a meeting, we will take a detailed message and send it through to them via SMS or email. All callers will feel that they are being taken care of, while your staff will have more distraction-free time to deal with their projects and clients. Give yourself more time for the things that really matter for a fraction of the price.

New roles for data mining, optimization, IT administration and app development are making the information technology industry boom. How much time is wasted by picking up the phone, when you could be repairing a motherboard or focusing on your code? In the IT industry, time is money. Make workflow in the office run smoother with less distractions calling in and asking for tech support, while we handle your calls. Adaptability is an important skill for your team to have; to stay on top you’ve got to be smart and have a cutting edge.

No matter how great your hardware or software designs, someone will eventually need help with it - and the only people they can talk to is your company. As a computer or phone expert, you would know the easiest way to fix the problem, but your desperate customers might not understand what to do. When you’re out of time, let our receptionists give your clients the peace of mind that they are valued and that you will fix their problems as soon as possible.

Working with information technology such as servers, databases, routers, firewalls and workstations can be challenging. While you are experts in all things tech and information, we are experts in answering phones. We are confident that we can help all your customers feel satisfied with our excellent customer service. Whatever language you write in for the back end, our receptionists can be the friendly front end for sales or customer service for any of your incoming calls. With plans starting at $20 a month, it just makes good financial sense.

Call us on 1300 885 830 or get started immediately by signing up to our FREE 7-Day Trial now!