Call answering services for property managers

  • Spend more time with tenants and owners while we handle your calls
  • Lock in more leads that call your phone
  • Never miss a single call, day or night, with our exceptional customer service
  • Australian receptionists answering as the face of your business

A professional live answering service tailored for property management companies just like yours!

We have revolutionised the property management Industry with our exceptional Virtual Receptionist Service. Every phone call your property management business receives is an opportunity to serve existing clients or acquire new customers and increase revenue. We can customise your answering, messaging and communication services in ways that add value, productivity and professionalism to your business.

We can help you stay in consistent communication with all your clients, whether they are current renters, owners or prospective tenants. Stop wasting time on nuisance calls, and focus on what’s important to your business. Whether you mainly manage rental homes, apartment blocks, senior facilities or high-end housing complexes, we can represent your business over the phone. Missing calls as a property manager can cause personal and property liability risks!

As an expert property manager, your day is busy with property tours, processing rental applications, preparing statements, and organising repairs. A missed call can be a missed opportunity: capture more leads when every call is answered. Prospective tenants are looking for a new place to call home, don’t let them go to voicemail – chances are that they’ll just move onto the next listing elsewhere. With our superior customer service, increase current tenant satisfaction to get more renewed rentals and gained clients by referrals.

Property emergencies could happen anytime – especially when you’re not around to pick up the phone. Give your lessees peace of mind with our quick and considerate assistance when they call, whatever time of day or night. Whether there are water leaks, no heating, security issues or lock out problems we understand that tenants can be nervous or frustrated. With our superior experience in property management phone answering, we will treat each caller with care and respect, and make sure they feel at ease. Whether you use Virtual Headquarters as a call overflow, peak period, after hours or full-time answering service, we are ready to help.

Virtual headquarters has the superior customer service your business needs

Professionalism, value and call quality is at the heart of what we provide at Virtual Headquarters. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls at Virtual Headquarters are answered by our dedicated team of receptionists in less than 10 seconds! Hearing a computer-generated telephone answering voice is the last thing a potential tenant wants to hear. They want to be greeted by a friendly, live receptionist who will direct them to the right person and respond to their queries immediately.

The difference between losing a tenant and gaining a new one can come down to how professionally your calls are handled. Virtual headquarters is an essential tool for increased customer engagement. We have the attentiveness to each call that is vital for your business. With our specialised technology, there’s no added equipment to your office, everything is done on our end. Increase revenue with our cost-efficient service where you only pay per call and packages can be as little as $20 a month!

How can we help you?

When you sign up to our FREE 7-day trial, you will be allocated a specific number in a city of your choice. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your company number. If you already have your own established number advertised on business cards or website, simply redirect that phone to ours. From that moment on, we will be answering your calls!

With our fully customisable service, you can make our scripts and protocols reflect your business. You can give us some basic information about your property management company such as your services, address, staff contacts and FAQs. Then, we will then be able to answer calls just like your own in-house receptionist!

Whether callers ask about body corporate levies, strata meetings or routine inspections we will be able to handle the call just the way you want us to. We can tell tenants where to send their rent check, or book an appointment for an owner with a huge portfolio. Don’t worry, we know that property managers are incredibly busy – we can prioritise calls per your instructions and only transfer calls to you in true emergencies.

Telephone calls that come in for your company can be instantly rerouted to you or a designated staff member. If you are unavailable then our highly-trained telephone answering receptionists can take a detailed message and forward this to you or a staff member via text, email or both.

Our sophisticated technology allows you to update your availability status instantly on your laptop, iPhone or android phone. Our specially designed Virtual Headquarters app is functional and easy to use so you can be anywhere in the world and change your status from available to unavailable within a matter of seconds. We integrate with your business to become a seamless part of your team and help develop the professional presence your management company deserves to have across Australia.

A 24/7 service available on demand, anywhere!

The nature of your busy job demands you to be available 24/7. We are a business you can trust to provide after-hours property management answering service and support. Current and future tenants will be impressed with your commitment to providing them with first class service all year round. Calls that come into your company after usual business hours are answered by one of our highly trained, friendly live receptionists. Having a receptionist answer your calls after hours will ensure your clients and prospects are dealing with a friendly, engaging receptionist at any time of the day. It gives a personal touch that is vital in an industry so heavily reliant on effective communication.

Whether callers are interested in learning about available properties, would like a rental quote, or have general maintenance requests, we are here to help. Instead of relying on voicemail or an impersonal automated system, our premium property management virtual answering service allows your business to maintain a personal level of customer communication. A live answering service is key to establishing a professional business image while allowing your property management agency to stand out in today’s competitive market. There is no doubt that we are a complete customer support solution for your growing property management business!

Personalise your call management today with our exceptional live answering service.

We look after thousands of commercial and residential clients across Australia. Securing a professional telephone answering service in any of the major Australian cities will ensure your business is at the leading edge of its industry. As property management professionals, staying in constant communication with current and future tenants is vital. Being attentive to every call is essential to maintain the quality and reputability of your property. The endless flexibility we provide your property management agency means no more wasted time routing through unwanted calls. Property managers have a lot of jobs to attend to. One moment they’re busy presenting a property, the next they’re processing a rental application. You can be assured that you will never miss a new opportunity to gain a client again!

Amazing customer experience is crucial to business

We understand that first impressions are vitally important and have a big impact on how clients view your business. Our receptionists have years of industry experience and will answer your company calls politely and promptly every time. Did you know that 70% of a customer’s experience is based on how they feel they are being treated? Our highly-motivated staff receive ongoing professional development with skills that translate to the client in the form of superior customer service. Whether your real-estate business is based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or other major cities, we give customers the impression that your property management business operates on a national level!

Cut costs with our fully-inclusive service!

We increase the cost efficiency of your growing business by enabling you to use your current staff in a more productive manner. Micromanaging staff schedules no longer becomes your problem. By choosing us as your telephone answering service you will no longer have to worry about organising a replacement when your receptionist is sick, at lunch or on a holiday. Imagine how much more time you get to spend with your clients if you don’t have to worry about answering your phone and taking calls all day. With plans starting from as little as $20 a month, our packages are both cost effective and flexible. You have the ability to change, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time. With no long-term contracts, no set up fees and a free 7-day trial, we are dedicated to ensuring your company receives a quality service at an affordable price. Virtual Headquarters is the leading telephone answering service for property management and we ensure your prospects and clients receive first class customer service 100% of the time.

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