Call answering services for hospitality businesses

  • Get more reservations than ever before!
  • Spend more time and care on your clients’ stay
  • 24/7 Premium customer service for all hospitality companies
  • Save money on admiration costs without sacrificing service!

Enhance customer experience of your hospitality business with our elite phone answering service

No one ever said running a business in hospitality was easy. Being one of the most competitive industries, it’s so important to win over a prospect’s first impression. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, B&B, resort or travel company, having exceptional customer service is crucial to success. We know it’s hard to give 5-star service when the phone is always ringing, and staff are too busy to respond. That’s why Virtual Headquarters is the perfect solution for all businesses in the hospitality industry including hostels, inns, camping grounds, caravan parks, bus, tour and catering companies.

Let us answer your calls with a friendly, professional receptionist, while you focus on your current customers. We can help secure every possible sale by never missing calls, while enhancing your brand image off the back of professional, prompt service. Don’t put people on hold and make them seek out other hotels – we can handle any call and treat every client like a personal guest. Get great reviews and increase brand royalty with our exceptional customer service!

Travelling is all about the customer experience - which starts before guests arrive and stays with them forever. You never know when someone will call asking about your available vacation rentals or rooms. You can’t afford to lose another reservation if no one answers the phone. Stop wasting time on the phone and free your staff to attend to current clients! Our receptionists are highly trained and will have the high standard of service you want. We are a true service provider and will treat each caller with courtesy and respect.

The telephone is vital for all businesses but can be such a burden during the busy vacation season, public holidays, weekends and daily peak times. We are ready to take calls whenever you need them, whether it be as an overflow, after-hours or full-time service. Our receptionists work diligently 24/7 and will pick up a call no matter when or where they call from.

By leveraging our premium telephone answering service, you will increase the presence and reputation of your hospitality company while enhancing customer satisfaction, all key components to improving sales and company profitability. From choosing the way we answer your calls to selecting exactly how you would like us to deal with them, going virtual has never been a smarter decision. We are a customer service focused telephone answering service that will dovetail with your aim to build a cost effective, efficient, well respected and "go to" hospitality business.

At Virtual Headquarters, we are proud of the quality of our service

Virtual Headquarters remains at the forefront of the answering service industry and we are committed to providing a supportive, reliable and professional telephone answering service for your business every day. It is no surprise to us why our 7,000+ global live phone answering service customers are continually impressed by our service. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds!

With our highly advanced telephone systems, we are perfect for hospitality businesses of any size. Irrespective of whether you run a small tourist company or are part of a much larger hotel chain, we provide flexible packages to suit the desired needs of your business in the competitive hospitality industry. You will be impressed by the dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence that our virtual receptionists continually show your clients. With packages starting from as little as $20 per month, there is no reason not to see how we can provide your customers with the best customer service they have ever received.

How does it work? Personalise your call management today with our exceptional Live Answering Service

When you sign up to our FREE 7 day trial, you will be allocated a unique phone number in a city of your choice. This is the number that we know your business by. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your advertised phone or to keep an established number. Simply call forward your existing number to your Virtual Headquarters number and we will be answering your calls and taking care of your client’s needs. Responsiveness and professionalism is everything in the hospitality industry that thrives off establishing strong relationships with your clients. With a simple and easy set up process, we could be answering your calls within a matter of minutes!

We understand that all inns, spas and hotels are unique and have their own special personal touch. We are proud to represent yours through our fully customisable call script! Simply give us some information about your rooms, rates, policies and local attractions, and we will be able to answer basic questions from your clients. Our receptionists will showcase the seasonal or event notifications, special offers and highlights of your exclusive retreat. Whether a caller asks about your pet policy, check in and out times, pool, wi-fi or dining options, we are ready to help them!

If a client needs to speak to a particular staff member or department, we can easily transfer calls to the right number. If they are busy and unavailable to take the call, we will take a detailed message and send it to them through either SMS, email or both – whichever they prefer. Don’t let the holiday rush make you waste time on the phone – get on with helping customers enjoy their luxury stay!

Embrace the modern and professional ways of how to provide your clients with superior levels of customer service right here at Virtual Headquarters. Don’t miss another call again!

Micromanaging receptionist staff no longer becomes your problem

Outsourcing your reception service is guaranteed to boost the profitability of your company by simultaneously cutting costs while growing the business through additional sales resulting from no missed calls and superior levels of responsiveness, knowledge and customer service. You can now forego the worries of paying your own receptionist staff for sick leave, annual leave, super and workers compensation insurance.

Similarly, you will no longer have to worry about managing who will answer your phone calls if your own receptionist calls in sick or is on their lunch break. We can help reduce the unnecessary costs associated with running your own hospitality business, such as providing a premium live answering service at a competitive price. With our cost effective service, you are ultimately turning a fixed cost into a variable cost.

With a FREE 7 day trial and no long term contracts and no set up fees, you can experience how our company will help your business increase revenue, increase productivity, control cost and enhance the customer service experience for all your hospitality clients. Get ahead of the game and reap the benefits of our elite service before your competitors.

Set up your Free 7-day trial today! If you have any questions, we’d love to answer those, simply call our customer service team on 1300 885 830.