Call answering services for government organisations

  • Increase productivity on a tight budget and save money
  • Spend more time on helping our community
  • Eliminate wait times for all callers with superior customer service
  • Professional, friendly receptionists ready to take every call

A premium telephone answering service will boost the efficiency and profit of your government agency!

Time, budget and workload constraints can be stressful and challenging to deal with when there are increased demands on government agencies. It’s hard to work at optimum standards and make valuable contributions when the phone is constantly ringing and your staff have disrupted workflow. Virtual Headquarters has the modern telecommunication solution for your agency - we offer all the communication resources your government agency needs to uphold 24/7 national responsiveness. Our first class live answering service provides exceptional call handling at all levels of Federal, State and Local government offices to ensure increased productivity and growth.

Our professional receptionists are the front line for your constituents. Don’t leave your callers on hold for hours with inferior customer service. Enhance the efficiency of your government organisation by letting us deal with the day-to-day calls. Every call that comes through to us is answered promptly by one of our friendly, highly skilled receptionists. With the highly advanced telephone systems we use with our live answering service, you can be assured that no matter whether you are a small government agency receiving only a few calls a day or a large department receiving hundreds of calls a day, we will answer your telephone calls professionally and promptly every time. If you are interested in maintaining a seamless and positive image all hours of the day, then consider our 24/7 after hour’s service - the nature of many government organisations demands you to be available 24/7.

Don’t spend your valuable resources and time on answering the same basic questions over and over again every day. Sometimes you might need to suggest a different government department better suited for the caller altogether. Developing partnerships, programs, campaigns and engagement with the community can typically be much more important for the people you serve. We are ready to help you increase efficiency, screen abusive calls and handle any questions you receive. Enabling you and your staff to be more productive, allowing them to serve current and future generations of Australians as effectively as possible.

Give more time to your leadership team to manage funds, guidelines, standards and records, provide advice and search markets for opportunities. With the Australia-wide presence that your government department has, it is crucial to serve the public good and nurture the values and culture our nation boasts. Our professional receptionists will be proud to do their part and redirect enquiries, process messages and take a load off your shoulders.

We appreciate your service in making Australia a great place to live, so let us help you ensure that our country remains internationally competitive! We have the resources to answer calls for any size agency with our innovated solution to take you into the future.

A 24/7 service that you can rely on!

Virtual Headquarters remains at the forefront of the answering service industry and we are committed to providing a reliable and professional telephone answering service to your government agency 24/7. We have become an integral partner of many government and semi-government agencies within Australia providing premium outsourced telephone answering services. We let you focus on building a solid business foundation and providing a premium public service while we answer your calls promptly and professionally after hours.

We are proud of the quality of our service - 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds! To maintain the high service levels we set for over 7,500 global customers, all of our highly qualified Australia based receptionists receive intensive one to one training to ensure they have the first class customer service skills that your clients deserve.

With plans starting from as little as $20 each month, our packages are both cost effective and flexible as you have the ability to change, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time. With no long-term contracts, no set up fees and a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL, we are dedicated to ensuring your agency or department receives a quality service at an affordable price.

We serve you the way you need us to!

When you sign up to our FREE 7 day trial, you will be allocated a specific number in a city of your choice. That is the phone number that Virtual Headquarters knows your agency by, to which it attaches your greeting, your staff details, department names, call script and information. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your advertised number or simply divert your existing department phone to your Virtual Headquarters number. We will be instantly answering and handling all your telephone calls the way you want us to.

With our fully customisable call script, our receptionists can help your constituents in more ways than one. During the on-boarding process our customer service team will review your account and ask you to provide us with basic details about your government organisation such as your address, list of services and FAQs. This allows our receptionists to not only answer your calls with your personalised greeting but also handle basic questions asked of them. Your callers will be completely convinced that our receptionists are your staff, sitting in your offices!

You have the flexibility to set up our call dialogue depending on the type of call we receive. Our receptionists can redirect enquiries to the designated staff member or department, such as research, publications, partnerships or investment. If this staff member is unavailable, we will take a detailed message and forward it to them via email, text message or both. We can also provide various email addresses based on the caller’s needs, whether it is to lodge a complaint, request permits, or book a meeting room. The service is flexible to suit any government agency, whether it is local, state or federal – be confident all your calls are answered with professionalism.

Cut cash and save money with Virtual Headquarters!

Imagine how much money you will save if you outsource your reception service to a team of professional, Australian based receptionists! Replace a fixed cost for a variable cost within minutes by becoming an integrated part of our team at Virtual Headquarters. We enhance customer and employee satisfaction by never missing calls and letting your staff focus on higher value tasks like delivering superior levels of customer service in their area of domain expertise.

Cost savings and productivity improvements are par for the course when you sign up for our premium live answering service. You will be impressed by the dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence that our virtual receptionists continually show to you, your staff and your clients.

Don’t miss another call again! Sign up today for your no obligation FREE seven-day trial.