Call answering services for digital marketing agencies


  • 24/7 live answering service - professional, Australian based receptionists
  • Personalised, polite and prompt customer care with each call
  • Increase your market presence by obtaining multiple numbers across the country
  • Have more time to focus on business ideas instead of answering unwanted calls
  • FREE 7 day trial with a 5 minute set-up process
  • No long-term contracts – just month to month, cancel any time

Unleash the potential for your Digital Marketing Agency with our elite answering service

In a world where advertising is everywhere, it’s important to make your marketing strategy stand out and count. Every marketing agency knows that building a unique and successful brand means maximising on every touchpoint. Whether your business focuses on advertising, branding, PR or social media, you are about creating solutions that enrich the lives of your customers. A professional phone answering service is vital to the reputation and success of your business if there is ever a hint of you missing calls. Virtual Headquarters provides any marketing firm with the best customer service platform on the market.

As a specialist creative, you are an expert on tailoring individual solutions - making the best quality ads, increasing traffic to websites or getting maximum exposure in the press for businesses of all sizes. Whether your business deals mostly with TV advertising, mailing lists, graphic design, direct content production or print publications your work is meant to spark conversations. Spend more time on bold campaigns and building your profile as a trusted agency and let us handle your calls. With our 24/7 service, we can keep answering your calls even when you can’t.

For market research or consultancy firms, as for other businesses, you want to spend billable time working for your clients, not answering calls. It’s hard to stay focused when the phone is constantly ringing. Receptionists can be an unjustifiable cost, yet calls cannot be missed. Save money by using a third-party live answering service to outsource the answering of your phone calls. A missed call could mean a missed opportunity or an unhappy client. Make sure you optimise your time looking after current clients while we look after your callers with our first-class customer service.

We understand that being in the media and marketing industry your business thrives off reputation and building strong client relationships. Virtual Headquarters is the professional voice behind a wide range of companies including event management, digital strategy, social media marketing, web design, direct marketing, television and many more. We are dedicated to adopting your brand image and developing a positive customer perception to help you maintain a reputable business. While you are busy designing logos, brochures or product packaging, we will work behind the scenes answering your calls.

Why Virtual Headquarters?

Our exceptional Australian based receptionists are selected for their natural ability to engage with customers in a friendly and professional manner. Many of our 7,000+ customers include fully integrated marketing and advertising agencies just like you who have teamed up with our team at Virtual HQ to provide their callers with world-class customer care. We ensure your customers speak to a live operator in 3 rings or less and reflect the image of your company by providing fast responses and turn-around times for all client calls. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds!

We integrate with your agency to become a seamless part of your team and help develop the professional presence of your company on a global scale. A fantastic benefit of our service is that we are flexible to meet the demands of any company, regardless of whether you are a small local or large national PR, advertising or media business.

How do we work?

When you sign up to our FREE 7-day trial, you will be allocated a unique phone number in a city of your choice. This is the number that we know your company by. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your company number or if you are established and have your own phone, like most of our clients in the PR, advertising and marketing industries, simply call forward your existing number to your Virtual Headquarters number and we will be answering your calls instantly. Just like you, we’re all about enhancing customer satisfaction. It’s what we do best.

After a quick and simple set-up process, all telephone calls that come in for your company can be immediately introduced and transferred to you, a designated staff member or department. If you are unavailable then our skilled receptionists can take a detailed message and forward this to you or a staff member via text, email or both. Never miss a call again! Just like you might edit a magazine ad with ruthless perfection, we strive to provide every caller with a personalised and unflawed customer experience. 100% personalised so you choose exactly how we handle your calls!

Every part of our elite phone answering service is customisable, from the way we greet your clients to the information gathered on your behalf. During the simple set-up process our customer service team will review your account and ask you to provide us with basic details about your business such as your address, services, or FAQ's. This allows our receptionists to not only answer your calls with your personalised greeting but also handle questions asked of them.

Potential clients may ask about your portfolio of work samples or previous clients and our receptionists will be armed with the information to help. Our receptionists are easily able to answer questions regarding your opening hours, ad spaces, web site and services. If clients, publicists or prospects call, our team will be able to route them to the person or department you choose. With our fully customisable service, we work for you the way you want us to! Whether you specialise in mail campaigns, telemarketing, branding or are a fully integrated marketing firm, we know how to help.

Innovation and creativity is our gift just as much as yours

Digital technology has shifted the way businesses in all industries connect with their clients. Our sophisticated technology allows you to update your availability status instantly on your laptop, iPhone or android phone. Our specially designed Virtual Headquarters app is functional and easy to use so you can be anywhere in the world and change your status from available to unavailable within a matter of seconds. It’s everything you need right at your fingertips to ensure your calls are answered and handled exactly the way you require! At Virtual HQ we understand the power of being strategic and like many of our clients in your industry, we have a solid foundation in leveraging technology for business benefit such as through app development.

A 24-hour phone answering service translates into 24-hour customer care for your clients

Give your company a 24-hour voice with our after-hours service. By utilising our cost effective 24/7 solution, calls that come into your company after usual business hours are answered by one of our highly trained, friendly live receptionists. Having a receptionist answer your calls after hours will ensure your customers are dealing with a friendly, engaging receptionist at any time of day. It gives a personal touch that translates into customer loyalty and increased revenue. You might not always be in the office, but you can use a virtual receptionist to fill in the gaps.

Do you ever feel your creative flow is interrupted? With a Virtual Receptionist, you will have more time to let your creativity flow, meet clients and plan promotional events. By becoming an integrated part of our team, we can help filter your calls, so you don’t waste precious time dealing with unwanted enquiries. Have more time to analyse market competition, form brand identities, and build social media presence for your clients.

Boost and track your marketing campaigns by having multiple numbers across the country!

Many of our clients in the public relations, marketing and advertising industries decide to increase the national presence of their company by obtaining multiple phone numbers across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Your customers will literally think our receptionists are sitting in your very own office!

Another reason our clients obtain multiple local phone numbers is that it allows them to publish different numbers on different campaigns which allows them to measure the success and ROI of certain advertising campaigns - because our systems can report calls that come into each number, you know at a granular level how successful a particular promotion might have been. We work with companies just like yours to empower you to achieve measurable, long term results which ultimately increases your company revenue and customer satisfaction ratings from clients.

Strengthen your brand by skipping the salary

We can help reduce the unnecessary costs associated with answering calls by providing an exceptional live answering service at a competitive rate. You can now forego the worries of paying your own in-house receptionist for sick leave, annual leave or workers compensation insurance if you choose to outsource your calls to us. We can also simply handle call overflow, after hours or part time. With our service, you simply pay for what you use. It just makes good financial sense.

Irrespective of whether you specialise in content production, media planning or publishing articles, it’s important you are financially smart with how you run your business. The flexible nature of our service enables us to provide customisable packages to suit the number of calls and type of business you are in.

Packages start from as little as $20 per month which is unrivalled in today’s telephone answering industry. We have no long-term contracts, no set up fees and very competitive rates, making us a leading competitor in the telephone answering industry across the globe.

By leveraging our premium live answering service, you will enhance the reputation of your business by boosting customer satisfaction, a key component to improving your brand image and company revenue. So, why delay?

Sign up for our FREE 7-DAY trial today!