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  • Treat more animals while we take your calls
  • Keep your clinic’s reputation clean and professional with our experienced receptionists
  • Don’t miss a single emergency after hours with our 24/7 service
  • 100% customizable service, perfect for pet clinics of all sizes

You specialized to become a vet because you love animals. We are the leading answering service in the telephone answering industry because providing businesses with superior customer care is what we are passionate about. As a veterinarian, you understand that proud owners need to know that they can count on you to look after their animals. You can count on our Australian based live veterinary answering service to answer your calls for your animal hospital or veterinary clinic with professionalism every time. Whether clients are calling about an emergency, pet health insurance or simply calling to make an appointment for the family dog, we are 100% dedicated to ensuring your customers are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. When faced with an answering machine, most people seek out different clinics because of their poor service. Your professional reputation is on the line – let us handle it with our friendly and superior customer care.

Increase productivity with our elite veterinarian answering service and watch your clinic win more business!

We too are proud pet owners and understand that your clinic or animal hospital will deal with pets of all shapes, sizes and colours! By leveraging our premium telephone answering service, you will enhance the reputation of your veterinary offices by improving customer satisfaction. You will notice a growing loyalty with your customers if they feel they are speaking with a reliable, kind veterinary answering service receptionist who makes them feel as if their furry friends are getting the specialised treatment they need, every time they call. We can keep your business ‘open’ with after-hours support every day of the year, giving calm reassurance to any frazzled pet owners and contacting your on-call veterinarian.

Our trained live virtual receptionists can help customers looking to book check-ups, vaccinations, puppy training classes, imaging or testing, sterilisations and other surgical procedures and first aid courses. As a specialist in animal healthcare you will appreciate our fast responses and turn-around times to all incoming calls, streamlining your business. For a small cost, we can provide your clinic with an image that is unrivalled in today’s competitive animal healthcare industry. Spend longer healing little loved ones, making right diagnoses, giving dietary product advice and explaining preventative healthcare. Use our telephone answering service full time or for emergency hours only and we will answer every call with the best customer service care and love that owners need in times of stress.

Why is Virtual Headquarters right for you?

Virtual Headquarters is an industry leader of the telephone answering services market and we are committed to providing a supportive, reliable and professional telephone answering service for your business every day. We ensure your customers speak to a live operator in 3 rings or less. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds! The fact that 30-40% of our new clients come from referrals from existing customers proves that superior levels of customer service drives success in any business. From packages starting from as little as $20 per month, there is no reason not to see how we can provide superior customer care to your animal loving clients.. With no lengthy contracts, you have full control on how you use our service. We have the newest technology and the best people to give your veterinary clinic the competitive edge it needs. With years of experience taking live calls as a medical call centre, we know how to help concerned pet-owners answer your calls purr-fectly.

How can we help you care for more pets?

When you sign up to the FREE 7 day trial of our virtual phone service, you will be allocated a unique phone number in a city of your choice. This is the number that we know your vet business by. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your company number or if you are established and have your own number, simply call forward your existing phone number to your Virtual Headquarters number and we will be answering your calls. Regardless of whether you are based in a major Australian CBD (such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide or Perth), or located in a smaller town or rural area, we will ensure that your image as the best veterinary clinic in town is one that elicits professionalism and success. Some of our 7000+ clients may choose to have multiple numbers across many states of Australia, making it seem as if their small business is much larger than it really is. While our experience tells us that vets as a rule are more localized, the same concept applies if you have a number of clinics across a specific geography.

We understand that there can be many different types of requests to a veterinary practice, ranging from the most crucial emergencies, to routine calls about appointment scheduling, vaccinations and payment. We can respond to these in any way you choose – our veterinary answering service scripts are 100% customisable and all answering options are built around you. Whether you are a veterinary hospital or clinic, you simply need to give us some information about your specific services and staff and any precise instructions so that our telephone representatives can give pet-owners peace of mind. We can determine animal type, book appointments, for yearly exams, vaccinations and inform your clients about various medication. Our professional, informed and friendly veterinary answering service receptionists can screen calls based on urgency, making sure that your on call veterinarian isn’t needlessly disturbed. We can contact the right staff members in each individual situation such as emergency on call vet home visit dispatch, efficiently connecting clients to the help they need. After each call, the receptionist sends detailed notes from the conversation to you though email, SMS or both. Our receptionists will integrate seamlessly into your veterinary clinic’s workflow – making your life easier. Your employees won’t be slowed down by taking calls, and will have more time to care for the precious 4-legged friends, while you gain the benefit of a live answering service that will improve customer service.

A 24/7 service that every family pet wants to come and visit!

Animals play an important role in the lives of your clients. Veterinary office managers will appreciate having more time to work on the business instead of in it. We can imagine that it’s not uncommon for your clinic to be filled with many animals, some for regular check-ups and others with emergencies. As pet owners ourselves, we know they are also unpredictable. This means that your customers may need assistance outside of 9-5 regular business hours. If you are interested in maintaining a seamless and positive image all hours of the day, then why not consider our 24/7 after hour’s service? Virtual Headquarters is the leading veterinary answering service for veterinarians and we are committed to providing a reliable and professional telephone answering service 24x7, 365 days of the year. We know that when a client’s beloved pet is sick or injured, owners can be demanding, especially after hours. Let us reduce stress levels, so that both clients and pets are feeling valued and cared for. We let you focus on building a solid business foundation and providing a premium animal healthcare service while your live answering service will answer calls promptly and professionally after hours. Maximizing caller experience and improving workflow has never been so easy!

Minimize cost and maximize revenue!

As a veterinarian, taking care of animals is your vocation. Regardless of whether your veterinary clinic specializes in treating small animals, large animals, exotic or equine, we make the customer service experience so seamless that you will literally think our multi skilled receptionists are sitting in your very own clinic or vet hospital. Your Veterinary Answering Services are guaranteed to boost the profitability of your company without any compromise in quality. You can now forego the worries of paying your own reception in house team for sick leave, annual leave, super and workers compensation insurance. Similarly, you will no longer have to worry about managing who will answer your phone calls if your own receptionist calls in sick or is on their lunch break. With our cost-effective service, you have nothing to lose! We will never miss a call from new customers and your client retention rates will improve because we are always ready to promptly and professionally support your veterinary office.

It is no surprise to us why our 7,000+ global live phone answering service customers are continually impressed by our service. With our highly-advanced telephone systems, we are perfect for businesses of any size as we provide flexible packages to suit the desired needs of your animal healthcare service. Whether you are a veterinary surgeon or manage a large animal hospital, you will be very satisfied by the commitment to best customer service methodology that our virtual receptionists continually show your clients. With a FREE 7-day trial and no long-term contracts and no set up fees, you can experience how an answering service can help your veterinary clinic grow new revenue, increase productivity, control costs and enhance the customer service experience for all your beloved pet owners!