Our exceptional Live Answering Service will enhance the reputation of your e-commerce company!

Our exceptional Live Answering Service will enhance the reputation of your e-commerce company!

  • Satisfy your customers all over the world 24/7
  • Don’t be burdened by the phone ever again
  • Excellent customer service for a fraction of the cost
  • Stop wasting time with calls, and work on building your business

With more online brands on the internet than ever before, customers have increasingly more choice between shops and products. Even if everything on your website is perfectly tailored to success, poor customer service can let you down more than you can imagine. You can’t afford to lose customers because of unavailable receptionists or busy schedules. Excellent customer service is important and should be a priority for any e-commerce business in it to succeed!

For an industry where customers can visit online all day, every day in every time zone, it takes creative thinking to be the best. Infinite business hours demand never-ending phone coverage, and with no store front, the way customers interact with your business is completely different. Whether you sell clothes, art, homeware, made to order, or something vastly different, your clients purchase from a seemingly faceless business. Rarely seeing the customer in person requires a greatly different type of customer service. This means that creating a premium brand image is essential for both a small e-commerce organisation or large online company. Contemporary stores like yours need modern-day solutions, because the customer can’t be worse off shopping online.

We promise that our dedicated team of friendly Australian receptionists can work personally with your company to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your business - you can focus on high priority tasks while we handle your calls. By taking that ever-ringing phone into our own hands, your employees will increase productivity and have time to do more interesting tasks. Your valued online customers will be kindly looked after by the highly trained and professional receptionists right here at Virtual Headquarters. Boost sales and the national identity and success of your business by utilising our premium Live Answering Service!

Excellent call quality and service all day, every day

We guarantee that the superior level of customer service that is offered at Virtual Headquarters will increase the growth and profits of your e-commerce business by ensuring you never miss calls and that every call is answered promptly and professionally, exactly the way you require. We are proud of the quality of our service and will represent your brand flawlessly. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our dedicated receptionists in less than 10 seconds! With plans starting from as little as $20 a month, our packages are both cost effective and flexible as you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade plans or cancel at any time. Essentially, we are turning a fixed cost into a variable cost as our e-commerce answering service allows you to outsource that work for a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house receptionist.

Integrate our receptionists into your business

With a FREE 7-day trial of our service, it is incredibly easy to get started and receive benefits instantly. When you sign up, you will receive a unique local telephone number in any city of your choice. You are free to use this as your business contact, however if you already have an established telephone number, simply divert it to your Virtual Headquarters phone number. Your calls will then be handled by us instantly!

You have total control over the way we respond to your calls, as we process all calls per your instructions. Customize our call script with your company brand in mind and we will act as an extension of your website or organisation. Simply give us some information on your products, shipping and support protocols, and our exceptional receptionists will answer your calls in your brand image. Our service is well rounded and convenient, because it can assist you in sales, logistics and customer support. We understand there are many different types of calls you receive as an online business, and Virtual Headquarters is prepared to address all customer enquiries, shipping tracking, and product orders. We can help customers with local pickup of bulky items, the location of your warehouse or showroom, returns and refunds of damaged or faulty items. With just a bit of information, we can sign customers up to your newsletter, explain postage, security policies and courier services.

We can take custom order. In addition, telephone calls that come in for your company can be immediately transferred to you or a designated staff member. If you are unavailable then our highly trained telephone answering receptionists can take a detailed message and forward this to you or a staff member via text, email or both. Our sophisticated technology allows you to update your availability status instantly on your laptop, iPhone or android phone. Our specially designed Virtual Headquarters app is functional and easy to use so you can be anywhere in the world and change your status from available to unavailable within a matter of seconds.

Don’t risk losing your reputation – introduce Virtual Headquarters into your customer retention plan. Customers must have consistently positive experiences with your brand to become a loyal customer, because the internet marketplace makes it too easy for customers to seek out new companies after a poor experience. Be confident that your customers will always be taken care of by our premium service.

We enhance the professional reputation of your e-commerce business 24x7

There isn’t a way to tell when an online shopper will want to contact your e-commerce business. At Virtual Headquarters, we have extensive experience and training in how to deal with web-based businesses and their customers. We specialise in elite customer service, with our experienced, friendly telephone-answering receptionist ready to take calls for you at any time of day. Our team works around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to enhance the premium reputation of your web based business. We appreciate that as an Internet based company, there is no such thing as working 9-5pm. The nature of your busy job demands you to be available all the time, making it very hard to organise a receptionist that will be there exactly when you need them. If you are interested in maintaining that seamless company image all hours of the day, then why not consider our 24/7 after hour’s service? Calls that come into your company after usual business hours are answered warmly by one of our highly trained, polite live receptionists. The high level of flexibility and commitment we provide to our customers is unrivalled in today’s competitive internet based market and will solidify your company’s reliable image.

Image is everything

Virtual Headquarters is the leading telephone answering service provider for e-commerce retailers in Australia. We will support your business whether you are a start-up or an established online retailer. Whether your e-commerce business is based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart or other major cities, we give customers the impression that your business operates on a national level or a local level, whatever you decide. With our superior virtual phone service, we have guided the success of many Internet based companies. Our personalised solutions will provide your online store the competitive edge it needs in order to succeed in today’s competitive e-commerce market. With no long-term contracts and a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL, you too can experience how our 7000+ global virtual receptionist customers are enhancing the growth and profit of their e-commerce company today. When you become an integrated member of our team, you make a solid commitment to customer service excellence. By letting our highly trained professionals answer your calls, we guarantee that we will take your e-commerce business to new heights by maintaining and growing your client base. Save time and go virtual with our world class web based telephone answering service today!


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