Get More Holiday Traffic

Get More Holiday Traffic

The holiday season provides fantastic possibilities for business owners. If you use the festive season the right way, you will be able to drive fantastic new levels of traffic to your site and ensure you do see great increases in conversions and of course sales. To do this, you need to make sure that you are optimizing your site for this time of year, using clever marketing techniques and of course, getting potential customers incredibly excited about your business. So let’s look at some of the best ways that you can drive up the number of users visiting your website.

Focus On Holiday Specific Keywords And Phrases

The majority of interactions online begin with a search engine which is why regardless of what type of marketing campaign you’re planning, you need to make sure that you think about keywords and phrases. Through the year, you will be focusing on a variety of keywords that will be connected to your target audience. During the holidays, you can make sure that you are hitting those festive keywords and phrases that users are searching for.

An example of this would be small presents and gifts. Small accessories are sold by a variety of business websites. During the festive season, it’s a smart move for these businesses to start looking at competitive keywords such as ‘stocking fillers,’ ‘gifts for dad,’ ‘2018 Christmas present’ and much more. There are plenty of these to consider and some are far less competitive than others.

When you choose the holiday-specific keywords that you want to target, you then need to start building content around them. It’s a smart idea to add as much quality content as you can as regularly as possible through the festive season to make sure that you get the best results.

Remember, when you are creating content around keywords, you need to build a story that customers can follow. For instance, if you’re targeting ‘2018 Christmas presents’ you can create an article with a list of great options including your products.

Get On Social Media

Social media marketing is another smart option for the holiday season. Remember the content that we mentioned? Well, that should be published, shared and promoted across multiple social networks to get interest from potential customers. The more compelling and exciting these articles are, the more likely it is to make an impact on traffic to your website. It’s key to follow the 80:20 rule here. It can be tempting to make a massive push during the festive season and increase the level of pure business promotion on your social networks. Instead, it’s best to focus on promoting content that is relevant and useful to customers during this time. That will lead to greater levels of traffic with users eager to checkout the content that pops up on their feed.

The other possibility on social media would be to invest in social media advertisements. This is completely scalable so you can invest in as much or as little as you like. The benefit of doing this around Christmas time is that customers are going to be more likely to buy around this time of year. Remember, they’ll be eagerly searching for gifts perfect for loved ones and family. Social media marketing is great because IP addresses are scanned to discover what ads users have interacted with in the past. These ads are then promoted on their feeds and that means that by using this tool, you’ll get a fantastic access to users who have been specifically targeted for what you are selling. The ad can then send them straight to your site where they’ll find the product they’ve been looking for.

Going For The Deals

You might also want to think about promoting deals on products and services that you are offering through the holiday season. Don’t forget, customers are always keen to find deals and save money during this time of year. They’re actually trained to find the best deals due to promotional events like Black Friday and you would be crazy to miss out on this possibility. When you are building a promotion through a system like Google Ads, you can slash the prices on certain products, perhaps the ones that aren’t selling, pushing them to the top of your promotions. This should certainly help you see an increased level of traffic for your business site. Remember, it’s important to promote these deals through as many sources as possible. As such, they should be mentioned through content, on social media and potentially through email marketing as well.

While putting up these deals, you should also create and launch a countdown for the last shipping date to deliver for Christmas. This gives users a clear incentive to buy within the time limit and a good reason to visit your site during the holiday season to get their orders in.

Email Promotion

The holiday season is also a good time to make the most of your email lists. Over the year, you will have hopefully gathered up a long list of emails of customers that have bought from your business before. However, it’s possible that you never received that crucial repeat sale. Instead, they forgot all about your business. The holiday season is the time when you can bring these customers back and email marketing is a great way to do it.

Many people avoid email marketing because they often see it as a form of spam. It’s important to be aware that email marketing will only be spam if it’s poor quality content. You can avoid this by creating holiday theme content that reminds users of the festive season and that it’s time to shop. This is also the perfect place to advertise any deals or promotions that you might have on. It’s great to do this as it makes it users feel like they are gaining access to exclusive content or information. This can help you build loyalty and improve the chances that they will visit your site more often through the holiday period.

You should also customize email content specifically for different types of users. For instance, you should have content for new users to your site and also those who purchased something a while ago and haven’t been back since.

Change Up Product Descriptions And Ads

Are you behind an ecommerce website? If that’s the case, then you should think about looking at descriptions of the most popular products that will be appearing in the SERPs. Simply changing the descriptions, perhaps by adding some holiday themed keywords could be enough to see real boosts in traffic. This will also give these products some more eye-catching appeal. Remember, images and videos can also be changed to be more festive themed. You can do this by changing the background palette used to something more Christmasy and traditional. Red, greens, silver and golds are definitely going to be eye-catching. You can even add smaller images and festive symbols to switch up the products for the festive season. Providing high-quality images and videos are a proven way to get more customers to visit your site and for you to get the important click.

We hope you find this advice useful when you are trying to build up more traffic to your website this holiday season. Using these solutions, and focusing on high-quality content will ensure that you start the New Year right with a high volume of traffic to your site and fresh customers through the festive season.


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