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5 Cost Effective Tasks To Outsource

Outsourcing is an increasingly popular method of completing various business tasks, and the number of companies utilising the method to fill at least a small percentage of their positions continues to grow at a rapid rate. While there are many benefits to be gained from taking this approach, the main incentive can be defined by two words: financial savings.

Paying outside companies or remote freelancers to complete the work on your behalf is a very convenient strategy that can aid time management, spatial organisation, and various other elements. Nevertheless, the jobs in which you can actively save money should be top of the priority at all times.

Office tasks are the most likely candidates, and here are five of the best.

#1. Customer Care Telephone Staff

The customer support team is one of the most important departments in the entire business, and it’s very easy to overlook this. Nonetheless, there’s no need to have them in your office spaces. Outsourcing this potentially large operation can work wonders for your finances not only due to reduced wages, but to reduced spatial and equipment-based requirements.

This route is a necessity for many small businesses working from home locations or small office environments, but is also very popular with the national corporations. After all, we’ve all spoken to customer care teams based in other countries over the years. It doesn’t harm the client experience, but it does reduce the costs for the company. Yours would be foolish to ignore this.

Labour costs are lower in developing countries while you can still pay fair salaries to call centre staff. Alternatively, smaller operations can simply outsource to a virtual receptionist service that will redirect the calls your way. This saves you the need to pay a full-time member of staff and allows you to maintain the professional appearance.

In addition to the telephone teams, you could outsource the online Live Chat teams too.

#2. Content Writers

Let’s face it; your business needs writers. You may need writers to produce a press release, engaging blog posts, website and social media content, books, treatments, product manuals, and text for marketing materials. Frankly, the professional touch of a writer that knows how to structure sentences, paragraphs, and articles can help your content make a far greater impact.

However, the company doesn’t need writers on a 24/7 basis, which is why hiring full-time on-site writers won’t be madness. Even if you do produce content every day, getting freelancers or outsourced companies to handle the challenge is often the best option by far – especially from a financial perspective.

In some cases, particularly with digital content, you can offer payment based upon performance. For example, you’ll pay them a small base fee and then increase it depending on how many views the piece receives in a set amount of time. Moreover, it puts you in a position of power as you can control your spend by paying per word rather than the time taken for the writer to produce the piece.

This is great news for your budgeting and financial monitoring endeavours.

#3. HR & Accounting

Human Resources covers everything from recruitment and payroll to disputes and ongoing staff-related issues. Frankly, no modern business can afford to be without a good HR department. Sadly, paying for a traditional team is not convenient, logical, or even possible for a lot of smaller companies and startups. Outsourcing is the perfect alternative.

By hiring the help of an outsourced human resources team, you can effectively maintain the professional management of people without encountering the costs associated with taking the more traditional route. On a separate note, it’s often easier for the outsourced third-party HR teams to produce the best results. After all, they have no emotional attachment to the other employees.

Accounting and financial management is another aspect that can be outsourced. From paying a professional to prepare the tax returns to getting an audit and ongoing financial advice, the third-party option will usually be cheaper. Given that they will save you money through their work endeavours too, this is one of the smartest investments for the company.

If you’re still persisting with the outdated methods, now is the time to change.

#4. IT Management

The IT department has a central role to play in any modern office environment. Once upon a time, it was essential to have them based on site thanks to the sheer volume of wires and hardware being used. Nowadays, though, the use of cloud computing, wireless networks, and IoTs, you can run every aspect remotely. It cuts down on the need for equipment, space, and costs.

A professional IT management company doesn’t only reduce the costs through those practicalities. They’ll also find the most efficient solutions to all of your computing needs from web hosting to licensing agreements. Better still, they can advise you about the best steps to take with regards to upgrades and growth as the company evolves. This makes outsourcing ideal for the long haul.

With the support of a professional IT firm behind you, it’s possible to gain 24/7 security while you’ll also gain the fastest and most effective solution to any logistical problems that may surface over time. They will save you money from the day you hire them onwards, which can go a long way to helping the company thrive.

Thanks to upscaling, it doesn’t matter whether your company is small or huge. Outsourcing is the best solution.

#5. Social Marketing

Social marketing has become an increasingly significant part of the modern marketing strategies. If you’re not performing well in the digital arena, you’re not performing well full stop. However, those campaigns aren’t the main focus of your venture – irrespective of their importance – which is why finding the right professional is key. In-house is an option, but outsourcing is better.

For many of the reasons mentioned above, this actively saves you money. More importantly, it means a bigger chunk of your marketing budget will be spent on the campaigns and promotions. Affiliate marketing is particularly cost-effective too because it essentially means you pay social marketers based on results. This can extend to social influencers too.

Outsourced staff can also be hired for small projects rather than paying a permanent ongoing wage. When added to the amount of HR admin it saves, this can only work wonders for your overall business budget. This also reduces the pressure on the campaigns as you’ll need few sales from them to break even.

Now that we have outlined some really great outsourcing opportunities all you have to do is get started and start outsourcing.

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